Were You A Fool?

I didn’t see any Top Posts about April Fool’s Day.  Does this mean the tradition is dying out?

April Fool’s Day is both good and bad for me.  It was on April Fool’s Day when my boyfriend (before my husband) and I  got serious and it turned into a very, interesting relationship.  I remember walking to the door of his friend’s apartment where the party was being held and thinking “this better not be a joke”.  Obviously, our relationship ended for various reason but I still have good memories of that party and the way we came together that day.

The bad memory of April Fool’s Day is the time I actually got brave enough to pull a prank on someone.  I alway’s thought I was close with my supervisor at work.  So, I decided one year to call in sick but show up anyway.  I had it all worked out with HR and had informed all my co-workers a head of time.  Now, every other time someone called in sick my supervisor would not call someone in to cover.  After all, there were two of us aside from her working the phones.  However, I am wondering if she suspected something or woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day or just did not like any type prank being pulled on her because she became completely Pissed-Off and after I called in sick, she called in a co-worker and had her come in.  I could not believe receiving a call from R. as I was getting ready to leave asking me if I was really coming and telling me she had been called in and no matter how much she explained it, our supervisor still called her in to cover.  Needless to say, after I showed up, it was dead silent treatment and if anyone came in to ask how the joke went, they got an evil glare from our supervisor and turned around and left quickly.

Needless to say, I stay away from that stuff on that day and am even wary of what is on the internet or the news.

How do you feel about April Fool’s Day?  Did you pull a prank on someone or get one pulled on you?