My Doc Says To Come In Sick

A long time ago I mentioned that S. Uncle was coming over to do some painting for us.  Well, he has also put in some interior doors with S help but it has been really slow since he doesn’t come every day and it has almost been a month so far.  I have been sick for the past 3 days on top of my usual issues thanks to all the sanding and dust around here and  S. and I had to do a lot of the work ourselves at least with prepping the doors before  S. Uncle showed up.  He does mean well though.  Sometimes it is hard to know what is the best thing for a family member/relative to do verses a professional.  While he is cheaper, a professional would have been faster.

Tomorrow I see my Nephrologist for what I hope to be my last time before choosing a new one.  My Nephrologist just has no time and constantly overbooks.  I tried calling to reschedule til next week since I felt like crap today but they said I need to try to come in since they won’t have anything until late May.  So, in other words, “Just come in sick and infect everyone else.  It doesn’t matter.”


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