So, my husband is gone this wknd visiting his relatives up North and helping his mother move.  I actually enjoy having the house to myself with my animals.  Of course, this is when I alway’s think I am going to get really ambitious and clean the house and he is going to be all surprised and proud when he gets home, but then I don’t really accomplish anything.  Another drawback is that I don’t sleep well because he is not in the house so I hear weird noises at night but otherwise pretty cool.

Before I hear any sympathy or stuff about it being Easter Wknd and a time to celebrate, my husband claims to be an Atheist and I am a Christian.  When he brought up the fact that I wasn’t going to be there, I responded with the fact that he was upset that I would miss dinner with the relatives not that I was actually missing Easter.  Easter to me is about the fact that Christ rose again.  To my husband it is simply the idea of seeing the relatives this wknd and eating.  Usually, we wind up eating Pizza or something at Easter anyway.  Where we eat is not a big deal.  The meaning of the Holiday is not there for him and with my health, I am much more comfortable close to my own restroom when I need it.

I must say I am happy the painting is done and the work is done on the house for another week anyway (then another project begins).  It does make it harder and the motivation lessens when someone is walking around your house working on whatever; for you to do anything in the house even with perceived ambition, especially when your poor cat is locked in a bedroom somewhere.   It throws my mentallness off, I suppose I could say.  Plus, I had to watch the dog after he ran out once and I got a cold/sore throat, flu type thing for 4 days from all the wood, paint smells.