Beginning No Gluten

Before going to Fresh and Easy today, ( I went there due to a time crunch) I went through all my cabinets to see what I had to start with.  I actually surprised myself by some of the things I do have already.  I try to eat semi-healthy  so I already had a bit however, it was surprising to learn what things don’t have Wheat Gluten in them, it was also very surprising to find  some of my favorites that have Wheat Gluten in them.  Like Corn Dogs.  I was surprised to learn that Corn-Meal has Wheat…and Pringles.  Those are Potatoes for goodness sakes, What is Wheat doing in it?

I’ve also noticed that a lot of products that are Gluten-Free are also very, low-protein and most are low-calorie.  While good since I am on a low-protein diet, I do need protein a little and I definitely need calories; so this means I will need to eat more each day to get my required amount.

Anyway, it’s a short one tonight because I have a bad headache and I think I need one of my migraine pills  as I cannot have anything in the morning until after my labs.

My husband is home from his trip and all is well.