Gluten-Free Journey Continues

Today is my 3rd day on my Gluten-Free journey and it is interesting.  I went to Whole Foods yesterday and boght some really good stuff.  I also visited an amazing bakery that caters to Gluten-Free and most anyone with allergies titled, “Sensitive Sweets.”  Nothing has Dairy, Lactose, Peanuts, Gluten.. and the food is fantastic.
I think I may still have a touch of the virus/flu whatever I had last week because I still wake up just completely drenched im sweat plus, I get hot and cold again.  So annoying,

Vote For Firepie!


Please vote for Firepie. She’s a Christian, She’s family-oriented, She’s funny..and it’s a lot more fun then voting for the President! Plus, you can vote any time you want as many times as you want day or night until May 10th, I think.
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