Feeling Better Gluten Free

Sometimes it’s hard to explain how I feel with so many issues going on.  I’ve had really bad abdominal cramping along with sudden diarrhea as well as times of constipation.  I am also having muscular type pains everywhere and a pulling/sharp pain in my side  kidney area’s.

I’ve been going Gluten-Free since last Monday and the cramping/diarrhea issue seems to be getting better.  I am going to continue this diet until at least the 18th when I see my metabolic doctor and talk to them.  The one negative aspect of it is it is hard to get the protein/calorie requirement I need by the end of the day as most Gluten-Free items I find are very low-protein and low-calorie.



  1. I’ve been wondering about going gluten free…I need to try it at least…good luck!

  2. I haven’t followed your blog too terribly long so I don’t know… Can you eat nuts, dairy, soy? All good protien sources.

    I have a difficult time getting enough protien as well.

    • I am Lactose intolerant but I take Lactaid and it helps a bit. Yes, I can and do eat Soy and some Nuts. Peanuts can give me Migraines. Due to my metabolic disorder, I have a hard time digesting most proteins from foods.

  3. Change is difficult and it seems that any change worth it’s while is especially challenging. Did you know it takes the human brain about 30 days to adapt to a change? I read that somewhere (but please don’t ask me where because that little vital statistic escapes me LOL).
    Anyway I hear this particular kind of dietary plan is very effective in lessening intestinal discomfort. I am told this by a lady I have worked with who suffers from…hold on…that name will come to me…colitis. That’s it. Whew! Sure am glad it actually did come to me:)
    Keep us posted. Good luck. Chin up. All that jazz.
    I want you to feel better.

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