Finding What Doctors Couldn’t?

I’ve had Colonoscopy’s, I’ve had Endoscopy’s.  I’ve been tested for Celiac Disease and told I was negative.  I’ve been poked and prodded to no avail.  I’ve felt like I was going to die while in the restroom, I’ve had accidents like a child (or an old person) while literally running down the hall to make it to the restroom in time, I’ve felt bloated, when I’ve gassed..I’ve been paranoid it was going to lead to more verses just a bit of wind.

Then, last Monday.  I made a decision.  I got tired of doctors doing nothing.  Despite the warnings of not trying this experiment on your own, I cut out all wheat products.  Oh my Gosh,  I can gas without an accident, I am not cramping, I am not running down the hall.  I am not in the restroom for half hour dying in agony.  I still go a bit but my body isn’t used to so many vegetables yet.  I miss a few of my favorites (yeah, I really like Top Ramen) but I am getting used to the taste of Gluten-Free Pasta.  I am looking forward to my next doctor appointment and sharing this with my doctors.

I must admit it is hard to find take-outs I can go to at present.

But my Cousins’ wife sent me a link as she abides by this diet as well and I do enjoy trying the new foods I am finding.

Sometimes, we can do so much better for ourselves than our doctors can.


  1. It’s not that doctors don’t know anything…it’s just that they don’t know EVERYTHING. Often falling for their own hype, they continue to insist they are right.
    Bottom line, we truly know ourselves best. Once all the testing is done and all the known diseases are ruled out, it is up to us to make ourselves feel better.
    This is not the first time I’ve heard about the wonderous effects of gluten-free and I suspect it will not be the last.
    I hope you continue to improve. Bravo.

  2. Your story is amazing, partly because how you liatened to your body and took action and decided to go against this particularly ridiculous “do not try this at home” warning. Congratulations!

    I had all the exact same tests done and have been to hospitals repeatedly since childhood. All I ever heard from any doctor was “the results are negative”. I guess that leaves no other choice than self-experimentation.

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