Minor Setback to Recovery

Well, I had just started feeling better stomach-wise and then I went and got a microwavable Salmon dish which I either didn’t cook long enough or the fish was just bad, and developed food poisoning from.  Ugh.  I had visions of the one time I had food poisoning before from some bad salad and that was how I learned I was allergic to Penicillin.  I  could not even keep down water at the time and my mother called the doctor who told her I was having an allergic reaction to the Penicillin.  Anyway, this time, it was one major day and night of Hell and my Hell came with stomach accidents, vomiting and migraine headaches plus so much weakness and pain Icould not get out of bed to find the scissors to take my pain medication which knocks out my migraine.  So I waited in agony until my wonderful husband came home so he could get me the scissors plus he also got me some of the pills I really needed to take before I went to sleep the rest of the night.  When I was young and sick, I used to really want my mother with me but now I am so thankful to have a caring husband.

Today is the 2nd day and I am doing a lot better.  Luckily, I had only eaten half a piece of the Salmon due to the calorie count.  I am still running a bit but I am eating solid foods and drinking liquids plus, I am back on the computer which I could not even look at as I could not get out of bed.  I am still really weak though.

I pray I am much better tomorrow as I found a really good restaurant I want to go to that has a Gluten-Free Menu for me as well as a regular Menu for my husband.  I found a website titled, ‘The Gluten Free Mall’ and ordered some food from it so am looking forward to receiving that as well.  I think I am on the road again to recovery.