Beginning No Gluten

Before going to Fresh and Easy today, ( I went there due to a time crunch) I went through all my cabinets to see what I had to start with.  I actually surprised myself by some of the things I do have already.  I try to eat semi-healthy  so I already had a bit however, it was surprising to learn what things don’t have Wheat Gluten in them, it was also very surprising to find  some of my favorites that have Wheat Gluten in them.  Like Corn Dogs.  I was surprised to learn that Corn-Meal has Wheat…and Pringles.  Those are Potatoes for goodness sakes, What is Wheat doing in it?

I’ve also noticed that a lot of products that are Gluten-Free are also very, low-protein and most are low-calorie.  While good since I am on a low-protein diet, I do need protein a little and I definitely need calories; so this means I will need to eat more each day to get my required amount.

Anyway, it’s a short one tonight because I have a bad headache and I think I need one of my migraine pills  as I cannot have anything in the morning until after my labs.

My husband is home from his trip and all is well.

No Inside Accomplishment Is Okay

I could say the wknd was a bust so far in accomplishing things but it isn’t really for that.  That is actually in my own mind and something I think I just really want to do for credit but in actuality it is good to go out and have some fun.

Yesterday, my friend and I went out to my favorite thrift store so she could finally experience it and then to lunch.  I dropped off  a donation at the thrift store prior which is in the same center but a separate building.  It was quite interesting to see things from her perspective and to see what she was interested in, then we wound up going to lunch at a Chinese restaurant titled, ‘Brown Rice”.  This was very interesting because I remember this restaurant as having once been an Italian place my husband and I used to go to and we commented that we wondered how it would stay in business as they had so few customers.  The food was delicious, healthy and very reasonably priced..and no, it doesn’t serve only Brown Rice before you ask, but Yes, it does serve that in/with many of their dishes.

Today is a bad stomach day and I’ve decided to try Gluten Free for the next week to see if it helps.  I took a long drive to Mother’s Market/Kitchen today because I believe they have a good selection of Gluten Free foods only to discover that they are closed on Easter.  Someone told me they are a Christian Company.  I did not know that.

Since they happen to be located next to the Pet Cemetery where my 3 cats are buried, it was not a complete waste of gas.  I picked up some flowers at a grocery store nearby Mother’s and took them to the Pet Cemetery.  I will alway’s miss my 1st three kitties who went with me through a lot.  My one even got thrown/pushed off the 3rd story balcony by my abusive ex-boyfriend but that is for another time.

Anyway, I guess all the Christian Companies closed for the Easter Holiday.

I wish all my Christian WordPress Friends a very happy and blessed Easter!


So, my husband is gone this wknd visiting his relatives up North and helping his mother move.  I actually enjoy having the house to myself with my animals.  Of course, this is when I alway’s think I am going to get really ambitious and clean the house and he is going to be all surprised and proud when he gets home, but then I don’t really accomplish anything.  Another drawback is that I don’t sleep well because he is not in the house so I hear weird noises at night but otherwise pretty cool.

Before I hear any sympathy or stuff about it being Easter Wknd and a time to celebrate, my husband claims to be an Atheist and I am a Christian.  When he brought up the fact that I wasn’t going to be there, I responded with the fact that he was upset that I would miss dinner with the relatives not that I was actually missing Easter.  Easter to me is about the fact that Christ rose again.  To my husband it is simply the idea of seeing the relatives this wknd and eating.  Usually, we wind up eating Pizza or something at Easter anyway.  Where we eat is not a big deal.  The meaning of the Holiday is not there for him and with my health, I am much more comfortable close to my own restroom when I need it.

I must say I am happy the painting is done and the work is done on the house for another week anyway (then another project begins).  It does make it harder and the motivation lessens when someone is walking around your house working on whatever; for you to do anything in the house even with perceived ambition, especially when your poor cat is locked in a bedroom somewhere.   It throws my mentallness off, I suppose I could say.  Plus, I had to watch the dog after he ran out once and I got a cold/sore throat, flu type thing for 4 days from all the wood, paint smells.

My Doc Says To Come In Sick

A long time ago I mentioned that S. Uncle was coming over to do some painting for us.  Well, he has also put in some interior doors with S help but it has been really slow since he doesn’t come every day and it has almost been a month so far.  I have been sick for the past 3 days on top of my usual issues thanks to all the sanding and dust around here and  S. and I had to do a lot of the work ourselves at least with prepping the doors before  S. Uncle showed up.  He does mean well though.  Sometimes it is hard to know what is the best thing for a family member/relative to do verses a professional.  While he is cheaper, a professional would have been faster.

Tomorrow I see my Nephrologist for what I hope to be my last time before choosing a new one.  My Nephrologist just has no time and constantly overbooks.  I tried calling to reschedule til next week since I felt like crap today but they said I need to try to come in since they won’t have anything until late May.  So, in other words, “Just come in sick and infect everyone else.  It doesn’t matter.”

Were You A Fool?

I didn’t see any Top Posts about April Fool’s Day.  Does this mean the tradition is dying out?

April Fool’s Day is both good and bad for me.  It was on April Fool’s Day when my boyfriend (before my husband) and I  got serious and it turned into a very, interesting relationship.  I remember walking to the door of his friend’s apartment where the party was being held and thinking “this better not be a joke”.  Obviously, our relationship ended for various reason but I still have good memories of that party and the way we came together that day.

The bad memory of April Fool’s Day is the time I actually got brave enough to pull a prank on someone.  I alway’s thought I was close with my supervisor at work.  So, I decided one year to call in sick but show up anyway.  I had it all worked out with HR and had informed all my co-workers a head of time.  Now, every other time someone called in sick my supervisor would not call someone in to cover.  After all, there were two of us aside from her working the phones.  However, I am wondering if she suspected something or woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day or just did not like any type prank being pulled on her because she became completely Pissed-Off and after I called in sick, she called in a co-worker and had her come in.  I could not believe receiving a call from R. as I was getting ready to leave asking me if I was really coming and telling me she had been called in and no matter how much she explained it, our supervisor still called her in to cover.  Needless to say, after I showed up, it was dead silent treatment and if anyone came in to ask how the joke went, they got an evil glare from our supervisor and turned around and left quickly.

Needless to say, I stay away from that stuff on that day and am even wary of what is on the internet or the news.

How do you feel about April Fool’s Day?  Did you pull a prank on someone or get one pulled on you?