Different Things

My doctors have upped my protein to 40 grams a day which should be interesting considering it was a bit tough to get 36 but they want me to start drinking Soy Milk to help out.

Yesterday was a really good day health wise and today seems to be starting off well too.  I threw some Chicken in the Crock-Pot for my husband and made his favorite potato’s for dinner for him last night.

We booked our hotel for our trip.  Primm Valley is also called State-Line as it is bordering the states of California/Nevada.  The hotel we chose is the same hotel my dad used to stop at all the time on the way back from Vegas.  Maybe it will bring me/us some luck.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

We are having 3 people come tomorrow to  give us estimates on refinishing the wood floors.  We are having wood floors done in our Hallway & Living Room areas.  I have to totally clear out and sweep the Library though (my Hoarder Room, as my husband likes to call it ) because that room already has wood floor so that will have to be the sample room.  So  cleaning that room, even if it means putting everything in closets, is my main goal of the day.

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