The Write Time

I was on the phone back and forth with the vet and the kennel today figuring out what the kennel needs from the vet in order to board the animals; then I discovered that Motel 6 will take animals for Free!  So, we’ve now decided to take the dog with us when we get the floors done.  My husband is going to bring him back home when he comes during the day and hangs around the back-yard.  We are still going to board the cat though as there is to much risk of her running out the door and tomorrow I am going to get a physical for her and both animals are getting their nails trimmed.

I figure while at the motel I am going  to work on my book.  I keep thinking about and saying I am going to write this and it’s been months since I’ve worked on it.  I can’t let bad memories get in my way forever.  I hoped when I announced it to friends I would get some encouragement but I guess since I haven’t mentioned it in a while ,no-one else has either.  It’s about an abusive relationship I lived through with an ex-boyfriend.  I really want to write this in hopes that it may help others who are going through the situation now.  This is a hard one due to memories and not having the motivation.  It’s quite scary to put into words.


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  1. Writing about such things is supposed to be good for the healing process.
    If say write whatever you can get out, however vague or lacking in details, then later when you’ve processed that you can go back and rewrite it with more details. Small steps.

    I’ll find out myself in a month, I’ve already been told that writing about such things is part of the therapy in the VA program I’m going into.

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