Feeling Good & Busy

I’ve been feeling really good stomach-wise for the last 3 days.  I sure hope it continues into our vacation this wknd and I find some food I can eat while there and not just potato’s.  I love potatoes but..  I am having a hard time finding menu’s for GF (I am going to word it that way verses Gluten-Free) foods at State-Line.

I took Firepie (my cat) to the vet yesterday and she was really good and didn’t bite the vet.  She is healthy but they did find a soft, heart murmur.  We aren’t going to worry about it yet as it may have been stress from having been poked and prodded by the vet.  She and the dog also both had their nails trimmed.

I ‘ve been super busy getting things tied up before we go.  What with cleaning the house, making calls, catching up on bills, etc.. not to mention my own appointments and I need to make sure the animals have enough food, etc..  I also need to watch my Netflix movie so I can return it and get the next one.  It’s not good to keep them to long.

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