Pondering Politics

I usually do not speak about politics on my Blog.  However, I have two political comments for you today.

I wish our President would make a decision/thought/opinion/ and stick with it.  Whatever side or issue you are for or against if you make your stance..you should stay with it.  We as low-lifes the U.S. can change our minds any time and announce it to anyone we want..however, as President of the U.S., any change of heart or thought he has..affects everyone.  So, to suddenly change your mind or even change the wording on an important issue when you are in office really makes you sound wishy-washy when you are President of The United States.  Only my opinion.

I also do not feel that the President should even be able to campaign as a normal candidate running for President with speeches, etc when he is running again.  He is already in office so we know what he can and is doing.  Plus, some other candidates have to watch what they say about him because it may be offensive as he is already in office.  To me, that does not stack the actual race fairly.  I wonder who I could write to about this.  Maybe we could change how the campaigning is run in the future.

I am writing this with care and refuse to get into my personal, political beliefs.  I refuse to debate with anyone on specific issues, etc.



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