Our Vacation

We returned yesterday from our vacation at Stateline, Nevada.  It was interesting.  I had read enough reviews of Whiskey Petes’ to think the worst but the hotel was actually quite nice. Unfortunately, the pool was closed until Memorial Day and the Jacuzzi was broken.  When we were checking in, they were going to put us on the 12th floor.  I am afraid of heights and my husband mentioned that so they put us on the 2nd floor instead right overlooking the pool and jacuzzi.  The hotel is super small.  Whiskey Pete’s has a Monorail to take you across to the other hotels which we decided to   I’m glad we did because it closes at 8:45 on Sunday’s.  So, we went on the Monorail once.

The Primm Hotel across the way is the largest and it attaches to the Mall.  There was girl with live Parrots and we could have had our picture taken with the Parrots for $10.00 so  my husband decided to return on Monday to do so.Lo and behold..we found out on Monday, the girl with the Parrots only comes on Sundays to do the pictures.  The mall itself, is not real exciting.  Primm does have a buffet titled The Old Country Buffett so we decide to try that.  I am GF and I figure with country..they probably have corn or carrots at least… Nope.  They have fried chicken I can’t eat.  I talk to the Chef.  I’m not sure she knows much.  I wound up having cooked Shrimp, Shrimp Sauce, Watermelon, raw Cauliflower and a GF Bar I brought with me.  I am sure glad I brought those.

Now..let’s hop on the shuttle from Primm and head to Buffalo Bill’s!

Buffalo Bill’s has got to be the best hotel.  So much to do.  Where to start?  “Look husband..there’s a Log Ride inside the hotel!  Let’s go on it.”   “Are you sure you want to do it now?  Why don’t we check things out and come back tomorrow?”  “Come on, it’s not like it’s busy.  They even give you guns and you shoot at targets.  Let’s do it now.  This is cool.”  “Okay.”  As we get to the counter to get tickets some girl runs up, “Are you going on the coaster?  They need 10 people for the coaster so they will run it.”  Husband’s like, “Yeah, I’ll go.”  He wanted to go anyway but once again he was going to wait to do stuff until Monday.  I’m like, “Uh No, I’m not going on that thing.”  Unfortunately, they still don’t have enough people and Counter Guy said sometimes he will go to help out the weight balance but he’d been riding it all day. So, we think okay, hubby can go on the coaster on Monday as planned.

We go on the Log Flume.  It is silly.  You cannot really tell if you are shooting the targets.  I won’t tell you everything but it is fun and husband won!  43-30.  Buffalo Bill’s has a bigger, buffet.  We will try that on Monday.

Monday arrives.  Everything is closed.  Rides are closed.  All Buffets are closed except for Primm which we’ve already been to.  All the big restaurants in the hotels are closed like the steak-house.  WTH?  There should be a note about this on the website!  I try eating a hot dog without a bun at the bar area, I also try eating a baked potato from the cafe however I ate half the skin while noticing it had an oil and salt on it.  Stomach revolted big time Monday night.

We only lost a little over $100. on our trip.

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