House Decorating Continues

I have to go get some paint samples for the Living Room and tomorrow night we have some people coming to give estimates.  We are hoping to get that done this wknd.  The paint needs to be beige or brown to go with the new floors.  What sucks is..I just got done putting the CD’s away but now I have to take them all down again since we are having the painting done.  Oh well, I can focus on getting my Library back together.

The Library is my special room and my favorite room in the house.  It is so cool now that it is the way I want it  I still need to get two matching chairs, I think.  I haven’t decided if I want to keep just the one.  I also need to work on shredding mounds of crap in the closet but as long as it stays in the closet until I get it accomplished, it looks great!  I even ordered a really cool, (I hate the word, “cute”) Cat Rug to go in there as an accent piece.

We need to get a Runner for the hallway and an Area Rug for the Living Room, but first we need to get the room painted and figure out the furniture.  In the meantime, I have set up my Exercise Mat on the floor so Petey has something to jump on when he wants to get up and down on the sofa and he doesn’t hurt his paws on the hard floor.  Plus, he gets no traction.

We have a 4-bedroom house and my husband and I both have two rooms we can do what we want with.  Mine are pretty well finished and he says he doesn’t really care.  What he really says is he has no decorating taste or style, but that’s not true considering we pick a lot of things together and his ideas are turning out really good.  One of his rooms is pretty much Laker themed which I  help out with when it comes to gifts and things and now I know something else he wants to start collecting which will help.


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