In The Last Two Days

Well I spent hours in the sun with my dog in the back yard over the last two days and now I’m sun-burned but I splotch burn which is stupid so I’ll be tan on the fronts of my legs and like one arm pretty much only soon.

Our house looks awesome so far but I will have to figure out how to clean and keep clean these floors.  I guess I need to purchase some microfiber cloths since I actually swept, mopped and was on hands and knee’s today and still could not get up all the spots.

Tomorrow is my husband’s B-Day and I am going to try the GF Pizza from Domino’s.  Some people say it is not really GF.  It’s worth a shot though.  My doctors/Nutritionist says I am not really Celiac and shouldn’t go to that extreme but truth is, they don’t know yet (nobody does) so we will see how I do with the Pizza.

I’ve been staying at he motel for the past two nights which was fine but now I am tired.  Shouldn’t be surprised because when at the motel I would have been asleep an hour ago.

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