Life’s Fun & Trials

My doctors are messing up again and I need an emergency formula refill like overnight so I can pick it up tomorrow.  The company that took it over has to many people involved so this means I had to call the hospital and will have to drive tomorrow to pick some up, provided they can get some that quickly.  This is the formula for my metabolic disorder which is totally important and cannot be missed.

The main furniture of the house has been bought and arrived (seating) and the Area Rug is on order.  Now, it is onto accessorizing with end tables,  lamps, pictures, etc. but we need a bit of relaxation time, I think, to enjoy what we’ve got so far.  I bought a Swiffer Sweeper to use on the floor which I am going to try in a few.

I love Pumpkin Seeds and Jiffy Pop but at least one of them does not love me.  I think it may be the store-bought Pumpkin Seeds.  My stomach went crazy yesterday plus, how stupid to be eating pumpkin or any type of seeds while having anal issues.  Talk about pain! 

I was invited to a Beach Party but I sent a regret with having other plans.  Until I get this anal thing cleared up, I am not comfortable swimming or going to the Beach.  Especially the Beach…I cannot imagine getting sand or salt water in my bottoms.  Ouch!       


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