Docs & Food

So, I drove to the hospital and picked up my formula refill.  They only gave me about a weeks worth, if that.  So, I called the company who said they would call the shipping company and get back to me.  Not a big deal to them.. I am just one of their clients now.

Saw the doc regarding the sharp pain in my kidney area.  Almost didn’t want to go because that has pretty much taken care of itself.  I rarely ever feel that anymore except once in a while.  I wonder if it had anything to do with my stomach issues.  Anyway, the doctor said the labs did nothing he wanted regarding the 24-hour urin.  He actually said “the test was a waste.”  He wasn’t surprised though because this has happened with other people due to the Insurance Company.  Nothing new on the kidney stone.  He said to just come back in 6 months and he will get a regular x-ray.

Received my fist batch of GF Food I ordered from The Gluten Free Mall this time.  I spoiled myself and got a whole GF-Pumpkin Pie.  Think I’ll have a piece for Breakfast.  Unfortunately, each piece only has two grams of Protein so I’ll need to work on that during the day.  I need 40 grams of Protein and 1700 Calories per day at least.  The Dry Ice they packed it in was easier to get through because I wore gloves and used my gripper/grabber tool.  Last time, the ice fell out of the packet and onto the kitchen floor.  I grabbed it with my bare hands and burned my finger in the process.