Not A Flash To Be Had

Went to my Primary yesterday and got put on Z-Pac.  Usually, that’s like a miracle drug for me so I really hope it works this time.  Getting really tired of feeling like crap.

Threw chicken, chicken gravy, cheese and Ruffles Potato Chips in the Crock-Pot for my husband for his dinner.  I hope it tastes like something and not crap.  We didn’t have any bread crumbs which is why I used the potato chips.

I bought myself a Purple 8″ non-stick frying pan and some red utensils plus my girlfriend is going to give me a large non-stick frying pan which I am going to use for my GF Foods to start cooking some of my stuff separate from some of my husbands stuff.  We don’t usually eat at the same time anyway but sometimes my stomach acts up and I swear I haven’t eaten anything with gluten in it.

My stupid Flash Player on the computer has stopped working and refuses to download no matter how much I try.  It will say it downloaded but then it still won’t work.  I don’t know who to call in to help.  The Geek Squad costs money.  Maybe they are worth checking into.  I totally  need the Flash Player as I cannot even play FB Games anymore or do much needed research on things.


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  1. great post

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