Docs & Food

So, I drove to the hospital and picked up my formula refill.  They only gave me about a weeks worth, if that.  So, I called the company who said they would call the shipping company and get back to me.  Not a big deal to them.. I am just one of their clients now.

Saw the doc regarding the sharp pain in my kidney area.  Almost didn’t want to go because that has pretty much taken care of itself.  I rarely ever feel that anymore except once in a while.  I wonder if it had anything to do with my stomach issues.  Anyway, the doctor said the labs did nothing he wanted regarding the 24-hour urin.  He actually said “the test was a waste.”  He wasn’t surprised though because this has happened with other people due to the Insurance Company.  Nothing new on the kidney stone.  He said to just come back in 6 months and he will get a regular x-ray.

Received my fist batch of GF Food I ordered from The Gluten Free Mall this time.  I spoiled myself and got a whole GF-Pumpkin Pie.  Think I’ll have a piece for Breakfast.  Unfortunately, each piece only has two grams of Protein so I’ll need to work on that during the day.  I need 40 grams of Protein and 1700 Calories per day at least.  The Dry Ice they packed it in was easier to get through because I wore gloves and used my gripper/grabber tool.  Last time, the ice fell out of the packet and onto the kitchen floor.  I grabbed it with my bare hands and burned my finger in the process.

Life’s Fun & Trials

My doctors are messing up again and I need an emergency formula refill like overnight so I can pick it up tomorrow.  The company that took it over has to many people involved so this means I had to call the hospital and will have to drive tomorrow to pick some up, provided they can get some that quickly.  This is the formula for my metabolic disorder which is totally important and cannot be missed.

The main furniture of the house has been bought and arrived (seating) and the Area Rug is on order.  Now, it is onto accessorizing with end tables,  lamps, pictures, etc. but we need a bit of relaxation time, I think, to enjoy what we’ve got so far.  I bought a Swiffer Sweeper to use on the floor which I am going to try in a few.

I love Pumpkin Seeds and Jiffy Pop but at least one of them does not love me.  I think it may be the store-bought Pumpkin Seeds.  My stomach went crazy yesterday plus, how stupid to be eating pumpkin or any type of seeds while having anal issues.  Talk about pain! 

I was invited to a Beach Party but I sent a regret with having other plans.  Until I get this anal thing cleared up, I am not comfortable swimming or going to the Beach.  Especially the Beach…I cannot imagine getting sand or salt water in my bottoms.  Ouch!       

Cutting Right to the Chaise

We found a Chaise and it is being delivered today!  It is Vinyl verses Leather with Microfiber, a side back and 4 big + one small comfy side pillows.  So comfy.  We found the Chaise at Furniture Club and got a really good deal.  It is supposed to be (or used to be) part of a set but they sold it separate.   It is being delivered today.  And, the sofa is being delivered tomorrow!    Plus, tomorrow we are delivering (or at least my husband and his uncle are) our sofa set to the couple that bought it.


Sold and Almost Decided

A nice older couple came and bought the sofa set last night.  We even threw in the matching large couch.  Plus, I may have found a Chaise yesterday.  It is a brown, Microfiber that will match the couch Steve chose.  I really wasn’t going to do brown or microfiber but with a colored area rug.. it should still work.  I have a few more options to call on but I really think we may just get this one and finally be done with it.  Once, I get this purchased.. I can go back to focusing on the rest of my life again.
Actually  after the Chaise is purchased, we can figure out the minor things such as side tables, lamps, etc. I may invest in some animal beds and scratching posts or things to scatter around  to deter my babies off the furniture a bit.  Of course that will be hard as they love to be with us.

I cannot believe how much of a search it’s been trying to find this.  I just know it’s going to be worth it in the long run.  Heck, I’ll probably let Petey up with me right away and totally ignore the last paragraph (well, I won’t have bought all the other stuff yet anyway) and we can just take a long nap. …Yeah…I know….I’m dreaming already.

Health & Furniture

During all this moving things around, I still have to find paper work and now I need to call at least one doctor to verify an appointment which I think may be this week.

I do have good news because after calling around, I found out my Gastro-enterologist may be able to help me with my Anal Fissure/Skin Tag issue and I see him on the 21st.  This is an appointment I am actually looking forward to going to.  He is not a new doctor..he is the one that did the Colonoscopy so he knows me and hopefully he can at least give me something if I am not a candidate for surgery.

My stomach went on revolt this morning and I have no idea why.  I haven’t eaten anything different (at least no  Wheat or Gluten) however, I have touched quite a bit of my husbands food.  Heck. I cook for him and if I really do have Celiac; I will have to be extra careful with that.  that is something else I will need to discuss with my Gastro.

We looked at furniture last night at Easy Life and I think we know what we want.  Now, it’s just a case of finding it.  My husband doesn’t have a lot of patience so I know he is bummed and wanted to find it last night but I think we will probably find it on-line.


Husband Brings Work Home

My husband is an Inspector at work.  That is his inspect the work the sub-contractors or contractors do after they do their jobs; in order to make sure things have been done correctly; so they can be paid.

Then, he comes home to me.  Lately, he has been stressed.  A lot is going on at his job and a lot is going on at the house.  The house is looking really good and getting into shape.  However, the process seems never-ending now that things have started.

Anyway, he comes home.  This is what occurs..”I thought you were going to clean the floor.  Did you see the spot?  Don’t you know how to clean a floor?  There’s another spot.  You have to sweep the new floor every day.  Don’t you ever water the back or front yard anymore?, etc.etc.”   I want to snap back at him but I don’t.  That would just start a useless argument.  I’ve hinted that it would be nice if he helped but as he points out; he does work outside the house and I don’t.

We did have an agreement that I would take care of the inside and he would take care of the outside of the  house but we were both working then and he hired a Gardener.  Of course, he is spending a lot of money for this house decorating and I don’t want to piss him off right now either.  New furniture is coming (okay, we need to find it) probably next of which is probably going to be an indoor Chaise as we are selling our indoor Living Room Furniture and getting all new.

He and I were both talking about the fact that he needs to go back to the gym again as that usually helps him de-stress and puts him in a much better mood.