Making A Mountain From A Molehill

My friend Kat lives in an apartment and wants to have a garage sale so she asked me if we might be having one soon so she could bring stuff over since I live in a house.  We don’t have much to sell but…. well…I’ve done it again.

Somehow, I’ve turned a simple garage/yard sale and made it into a production.  I love Garage Sales.  Anyway,  I thought..why just us?  Instead of just one measly sale on our street, why not ask our neighbors who alway’s have yard sales during the Summer.  So, that’s what I did.  I asked most of them if they were interested, even going so far as to offer to go to the city and getting the permits however: this means I have to print out the form, get it over to everyone’s house and have them get it back to me by a certain date.  (I am going to check the date today).

What I am really proud of is I even asked the neighbors I haven’t talked to in over two years.  There, I talked to you.  See, we can still be “friendly neighbors.”  Sorry, I digress.

So, there you have it.  Multiple Family Yard Sales.

My friend Kat better not cancel now.  Of course, if she does, it will be my own fault if I look like a fool or I could say at least I helped everyone else out with theirs.

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