Eye Vessel Pop & Other Issues

A blood vessel in my eye popped Tuesday morning but what was really weird was I felt it happen.  It freaked me out as  my eye filled with blood.  I had to check the internet to make sure I could close it to go to sleep.  It still hurts a bit and is causing headaches.  But, I am a headache sufferer anyway.  I guess I won’t worry unless my vision starts getting bad or something  as it is supposed to heal itself.

Luckily, it was the day prior that I had dropped all the notes and permit forms for the garage sale to the neighbors offering to take them to the city when I take mine.  One has already returned theirs.

I received my referral in the mail for the surgeon regarding my anal skin tag situation.  I was pleasantly, surprised to discover she is a female.  It will be good to see someone with a better manner than the last male specialist/surgeon I saw regarding this.  Being a female, I’m sure she will have some more understanding and empathy for this situation.

My husband and I went to Sizzler last night.  I looked at the picture of the shrimp and remembered it (which I cannot have anymore) but the Salad Bar is still really good.  Plus, when I went shopping yesterday, I bought quite a few more fresh fruits and veggies.. like Artichokes and Raspberries.  Yum.


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