No Words

I do not watch the Olympics.  Unless they make Karaoke an olympic sport, I have no desire to watch them.  Now, that would be cool.  I may even work hard to try to get in to participate if that would happen.

Anyway, I will obviously say nothing negative about any of the Olympians this year at all because if you’ve been following the headlines there is no freedom of speech in that regard.  Someone said something to one of the male divers on Facebook or Twitter and he has been arrested.  Supposedly; he also made a threat, however, since the actual Twitter post was not shared..that may have been taken out of context.  A reporter  also had their Twitter account deleted or suspended due to criticising NBC’s live coverage of the Olympics.  While I know reporters should not put their personal views in their reports..should his account have been taken away?  Really?

Anyway, be careful what you say about the Olympics, don’t say anything negative aloud about our President (that also is getting dangerous), be careful what you say in airports or on/in any transportation type venues.  Be careful what  you say in mixed  company.  Don’t piss the other person off you get in a car accident with as you might get shot. Be careful what you say about religion, politics or anybody’s sexual orientation. Be extra careful about race or anything you can say that might inadvertently challenge someone else…even commenting on their eating preferences is wrong.  “Yum, I killed this Pig last night for dinner.”, “Ugh, I’m a Vegetarian.”

Heck, I guess we should all just Shut Up!