BEWARE of This Scam

I am writing this to warn people to be aware of these Scammers.  They are hitting everywhere and have hit our neighborhood.

Two very nice teenagers came to the door while I was standing on the porch.  They are selling children’s book sets and cookbooks.  They told me it is in order to get points so they can go on a trip to Italy and they are working in teams..boys against the girls, “Go Boys!.Yeah.”  I told them we have been burned before with these types of things and I don’t usually buy from people I don’t know.  They assure me this place is legit and rated highly by the BBB.  The book list does not have prices but they tell you it starts at $40.00.  They also tell you some of the books can be donated to a charity such as CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) and they name a few others.  CHOC gets to me because I got there, myself.  However, I am not going to spend $40.00 for a book so I ask if I can spend $20.00.  I ask if I can make a donation to CHOC so they get points.  They said it would be considered a” gift” because they don’t use the term “donation.” and I would be buying half of a book set.  They can get someone else to buy the other half.  I felt good thinking whatever book was chosen would go to a charity and wrote out a check.  They had me write the check to the actual company.  It was a bit fishy because they asked me my husbands first name and what we did for a living.  That was all I told them but I was vague.  My husband works for the Naval Base. They said they needed to know this because they get more points for career.  They actual said, “Can we say he’s in the military so we get more points?”  I said, “You can say whatever you want.”  To convince me further in the conversation..they dropped the name of Melanie and told me she had bought some of their books and really supported them.  When I called my neighbor really quickly while they were on the porch, she didn’t know what I was talking about.  They cleared that up by saying, it was not the same Melanie.  Ther is a different Melanie down the street.  Possible. I don’t know everyone in my neighborhood.  Who does?  I had them write me a hand-written receipt as I couldn’t get one from the receipt book since I didn’t buy a full order.

Needless to say, I checked the company ..MTS CIRCULATON after they left, and it is a scam.  They have tons of complaints with the BBB.  They are taking your money and not giving you your merchandise.  Plus, they ask to use your restroom and get a drink of water to get in your house.  I gave them water but my dog stood guard at the door and I got paper cups and took them outside to them.

I  went to my local Police Department to inform them what was going on and spoke with a very cute, unhelpful Policeman.  He wouldn’t even take a report because he hears this complaint every day.  He says these teens are being dropped off  in neighborhoods to do this and usually stay in the same neighborhood for a bit before moving on.  They do get a few of them when they are in the act because most have warrants already and you need a permit in CA to sell magazine, books, etc. door-to-door.  However, otherwise there is no recourse.  I supposedly entered into a legally binding contract by making the check to the actual company (is it an actual company?) and unless my merchandise was not received or something; there was no way to get it back.   It is not so much the money issue for me as it was just letting the police know that these teens are in the neighborhood preying on unsuspecting people.

We need to find a way to stop these scamming, lying companies!  This one is


4428 N. 12th Street

Phoenix, AZ.  85071.USA


Story #2..Spider & Teacher or Perv

5th Grade- Had a teacher named Mr. N. (Okay, it may have started with a W,  Celaine. I will private e-mail you if you really want to know).  This teacher was weird.  I remember he had a Tarantula in a tank on the counter in the back and he sat me in the back row.  I hate spiders especially big ones and to make it worse, this thing literally kept staring at me.  It never really moved.  It just stared.  I could feel it’s eyes burning into my neck every day.  I remember one day I seriously lost it.  I yelled at the thing..In the middle of class, ” turned around, looked at it and yelled, “Stop Staring At Me!”  Yeah, everybody thought I was nuts but I didn’t care.  I don’t remember if my seat was changed after that.

Another incident with same teacher came about when I was a T.A. (Teacher’s Aid.) I’m not sure I was his T.A.  I doubt it, however, if I remember correctly, was a great way to get credit without taking an actual subject..   Anyway, my friend Ardyth (who was a T.A. for the next class over) and I were in the  supply room when Mr. N. walked in.  He made a comment about my shirt.   Now I was never into wearing low-cut shirts and my mother used to say if it is to low-cut to use a safety-pin inside where no one could see it so on this day that is what I had done.  Mr. N.  came really close and started fiddling with my shirt and actually said, “What’s this? Is it a Safety Pin?”  I said, “Yes, Mr. N.  It is a Safety Pin.”  I was freaked out and my teeth were like totally clenched.  He was like way to close for comfort.  After, he left, I started to believe that maybe Mr. N. was the Perv that all the school children (I hate using the term “Kids” unless you are a Goat” called him all the time.

What I Learned In History

Since people are returning to school, it made me remember my time in school and I thought I would share a story or maybe a few.  Here is one that I hope you find interesting.

During High School, some of our teachers for general subjects such as History and Science were also the coaches for the athletics department.  This was the case for my History class.   My teacher’s name was Coach N. and he was Fine (if you know what I mean.)  He knew it too and he was a big flirt.  Sometimes the Cheerleaders or some of his ex-students would come visit during class and hang all over him.  Anyway, he would come straight from coaching and would wear these tight shorts while teaching class and he usually stood at the chalk board.

This was a problem.  He sat me in the front row facing the chalk board and my eyes were even with his. crotch.  Yeah, I know..I was supposed to be looking at the chalk board.  I can’t stand History (at least I couldn’t then.  I am into the Holocaust now and a few other things), I have no idea what he wrote on the chalk board.  This man wore Tight…really tight.. Did I mention they were tight? shorts.  He could have taught the history of his shorts and I probably wouldn’t have heard anything he said.  I saw nothing on that board.  I tried to focus.  I really did.  I tried to do the paperwork correctly and I did all the homework but…

I decided to talk to my mom, Seriously,  I said, “Mom, I think I am going to flunk History.”  When she asked me why.  I told her I thought I had a crush on my teacher.  She told me it wasn’t a crush.  Man, was she right!  What would it have been?  A crush on one part of his anatomy?  Sheesh.  She made me promise to get a D and not to flunk.  I think I got a D+ or a C- .  I don’t remember and don’t ask me if I learned anything.

Oh yeah, I learned:

Coaches should not wear tight shorts when teaching class.

Men and Growing Up

It has come to my attention that my 42-year=-old husband still races cars.  When I say races cars, I mean street races his car against others…Not racing cars on tracks.  Now, I know he did this when he was young, I’ve heard the stories but he is 42!  He showed me where he goes.  They usually go early in the morning on a non-busy day and check for the Police first before actually racing.  Today, the race time was 8:30.  I was surprised when I got up at 9:30 and he wasn’t home yet.  By 9:45 I was looking on websites for news of crashes and/or local deaths due to recent street races.  Luckily, he came home around 10 and said the person he was racing against was a no-show and he had gone to breakfast with the friend he had taken as a passenger.  He had also given his friend a ride down the “track”..street.

This post is not about the pro’s or cons of street racing because I know that and so does he.

It is sort of about the fact that men never grow out of the thought that flatulence is funny so they do it all the time (even in the grocery store or at least mine does)and I guess they never grow out of things like street racing or other things that are dangerous.  I guess it is the fact that for most men  it seems; it is really hard for them to “settle down” so now I have to continually worry about his safety despite the fact we have been married 11 years.


Weddings and Moms

Tonight I want to talk about weddings.  Yes, my marriage is fine and No, I’m not doing it again.  It’s actually to discuss some things about the wedding ceremony and reception.

I’ve heard this discussed on a show on T.V. and I’ve lived it personally, I’ve also found out recently that my sister did the same thing I did.  I’m talking about The Wedding Dress.  Please don’t choose a wedding dress to please someone else.  Unless, it’s a money issue; if you don’t get the wedding dress you absolutely fall in love with and know is right for will regret it forever.  A wedding is supposed to only happen once in your life (we won’t even go there) and if I’m correct, the 2nd wedding is usually much different from the first; so your favorite wedding dress won’t be in style anymore or definitely won’t fit the occasion with a different/new spouse. (I have to say Spouse because people from all walks of life read this, I’m hoping.)

The dress I really wanted was Beautiful!  I felt like a Princess with the billowy skirt and it had sparkles on it, however, my mother had a different idea and had me try a plainer, type dress.  When I exclaimed, “Oh Mom, I feel like a Princess.” she said, “You aren’t supposed to be a Princess, You are supposed to be a Bride, Try this one on.” so I did.  My mother was paying for the dress But..they were both the same this one was not a money issue.  I picked the dress my mother wanted.  After all, my father had already passed.  My fiancée and I had actually just planned to go to Vegas and get married.  The whole wedding itself  was more for my mother’s benefit.  But to this day, I still wish I had fought on that one issue and worn the Princess Dress I’d loved so much.

I talked to my sister and it turns out she went through almost the same thing with mom except it was over the color.  The dress she wanted was more of an off-white versus white and according to mom at the time, Brides had to be married in a White Wedding Dress.

I also thought I would share a few minor arguments my mother and I had while planning the Reception.  We had a small reception with a Buffet my mother and sisters did themselves.  The reception was held at the clubhouse of the mobile home park where my mother lived.  Now, I HATE the color PINK.  Everyone who knows me knows this.  So, obviously I wanted NO PINK ANYTHING of any kind at the reception.  While setting up, there were vases with fake flowers including pink ones on the side tables all around.  I was like, “Nope, That’s out.  That’s out…”  Mom said, “We are not moving the arrangements.  They need to stay in the hall.”   I said, “No, I told you I don’t want Pink.”  Mom said I was being immature because they are just a few flowers.  I didn’t care.  It was my wedding and I did not want Pink in that hall.  Then, my sister had an idea.  She called me aside and said, “Will this work?” and she started pulling just the Pink Flowers out of the arrangements and taking them in the back room. BINGO!  A simple solution.  Problem solved.  Next.

2nd and only other issue….  This is a Buffet so…. I love Spinach Dip.  Let’s have some Spinach Dip at the Reception!

Mom- “You don’t have Spinach Dip at a wedding reception.”

Mee- “Why not? I love spinach Dip.”

Mom- You just don’t.  It’s a wedding reception.  That’s ridiculous.”

Me- “I want Spinach Dip.  If you won’t make it, I’ll make it myself.”

Sister- “I’ll make the Spinach Dip!”

Guess what was eaten all gone at the Wedding Reception???


Rejection of Giving

Here’s an idea.  If you don’t want help, Don’t be rude about it.  I just don’t understand people.

I drove by the park today and saw a homeless man sitting in the parking lot eating a Banana.  Yes, he was most definitely homeless with a bike and numerous bags and dirty clotes, etc.  Anyway, I drove in the lot and approached him with one of my Tote Bags filled with canned foods, soap, etc and offered it to him.  He actually said and I quote, “Take it away or I’ll throw it in the trash.”  When I asked him if he could tell me why he didn’t want it since it has food and I was only giving it to him because I care (I added lowly that God does too) he mumbled, then said again to “just take it”,  So, I said “Okay, but I tried.” and I took my bag  and drove away.

What weird feelings I have now.  First I thought, Fine..Let him starve, I don’t care.  Then, I thought.  Nooo, I can’t think like that.  Maybe I should pray for him.  But wait, he looks to be from another an Arab.  Like a person who wanted to blow up the planes and buildings in 9/11.  Maybe he hates Americans.  Maybe he hates God.  Maybe he hates Charity or has Pride.  Maybe he hates Women.  I don’t think they think to highly of us in their country.

Whatever the case, I am not done helping those who are in need and are thankful to those of us who really care.

Getting To The Bottom Of The Problem

Well, today was the day I was both waiting for and dreading.  The day of the specialist/surgeon appointment.  This one was a lady and she was super nice.  She didn’t have to use that horrible tool this time and she  totally empathized when I told her about what happened with the rude, male doctor I saw (who is in the same medical group and office she is in.  They have like 4 or 5 exam rooms or whatever and 4 or so doctors so it’s not like he heard me, not that I care).  Anyway, she even explained what can cause the fissures to be painful and a bit of how to try to keep your diet stable in order to handle it.

We are going to try, yet another, type of cream but this one has a really high success rate for curing people.  If it doesn’t work; our next step will be Botox into the area.  She said Botox does pretty much the same thing as surgery.  She said surgery is a last resort because some people who have surgery can become incontinent when it comes to gas or bowel movements and then they must have a follow-up surgery later.

Now, I have to find a Coumpound Pharmacy somewhere close to me and see if it is covered by insurance and how much this is all going to cost.    I would say I also need to have patience but it’s been over a year so I have lots of that.  Plus, if theres a real cure for this, it’s worth the wait.

Weathering The Opposite

My husband is constantly hot.  I swear, the man sweats in the shower.  It doesn’t help that we are having the hottest Summer on record.  Now I hear, “It’s hot, I think I’m dying, The heat is poison,”…blah, blah, blah.

I don’t like humidity mainly because it gives me bad headaches as I am a headache/migraine sufferer anyway.  I don’t like when it gets so hot you sweat after 5 minutes of doing nothing.  I admit I do get a bit lazy in the heat.   However:

I like real air!  I prefer open windows  to fans.  I prefer driving my car with the top down as often as possible when it’s hot.  It’s even fun to sit in the hot car with the top down and talk on my cell phone.  I bitch and whine when it’s cold.  I don’t like the cold.  I don’t like freezing and having to layer on clothes and blankets all day.  I get Reynaud’s periodically anyway.  I don’t like my extremities turning numb.

So, my husband takes himself to plenty of movies just to get away from the heat and he has taken me with him shopping.  Yes, I did find a shirt that fit.  I also ordered quite a few things mail order but I digress.

Our house does not have air-conditioning and that has already been an interesting discussion a few times.  We may get a bigger fan that can be moved around or if my husband decides on a room fan, I will just try to stay in other rooms when he is using it.

It’s very interesting living with someone who is the complete opposite of me on this issue.

Prayer Request for God’s Word Continuance

Let me start by saying I am a Christian which means I am a Believer…a Follower of Christ.  I am Christ’s Daughter.  I do my best to follow his word..however:

I hope God forgives me for not having felt like nor been attending church lately.  I was raised in a Catholic Church where I was forced to attend every week.  We only missed if we were really sick.  I was turned off of Catholicism when a popular girl in the youth group became pregnant by a popular guy and everyone decided to have a baby shower for her.  It angered me because people like me who were following the rule of No sex before marriage were still being ignored; and it seemed as if this couple was being rewarded for sinning.

I stopped attending church for a few years after moving out of my parents house to see which religion I would be comfortable with since growing up in a Strict, Roman Catholic, family; I was not allowed to try other religions.  I chose Baptist and even got Baptised in that religion (to my mothers annoyance because as she kept claiming, “You are already Baptised in the Catholic church”.)   I stayed with a specific Baptist church for quite a few years until I began questioning a few of the things the Pastor was preaching.  I began investigating a few other Baptist churches and mentioned in confidence that I was trying out a few different places.  Needless to say, I was pushed out before I was actually ready to leave and would not feel comfortable returning to that church.  I have been attending a really good church on television.  I’ve even exchanged letters with the Pastor of this church.  For some reason, I have not been in the mood to sit through the programs for the past few weeks.  I don’t know why.  My mind is just not there.

I still have a personal relationship with God and I pray he will lead me back to his word soon.

If you are a Christian, will you please pray f or me?

My Weight Options

Well, I’m gaining weight again so I took myself shopping.  I totally needs shorts and a new swimsuit.  I want a Tankini.  Originally, I wanted one with a skirt attached but now I think I’m better with shorts.  I tried a skirt one on and I actually looked like a Tug-Boat.  Really Sad.  Even more sad.  After 5 or more hours of shopping (or I should say “walking around”) I came home with nothing.  Most things made me look pregnant and some things wouldn’t fit over my butt if I wanted them too (which I obviously did)).  I found one pair of shorts that were possible until I looked at the price tag.  I really don’t want to pay $21.00 for a pair of shorts.

Plus, the styles these day…have you seen them?  I am a 47-year-old woman!  I don’t wear ripped jeans.  I throw my jeans away when they get all ripped.  I prefer my shorts to be long.  Hey, my butt may hang out of those anyway but at least not as much; and if you think I am getting in a regular Bikini again, you’ve gotta be kidding me.  On some, they make the tops (and bottoms) with strings that can be untied.  You would think I could  trust people not to pull the string when in the pool but  some of my old friends get wild.  “Whoops, where did the top go?”  “Uh..No, I’m not playing that.”  We won’t even discuss the possible bottom string adventures.  Then, we have the jeans.  You think I am going to fit my flabby body into “Skinny Jeans.”  I don’t think so.

Heck, I had a Kidney Transplant and I am eating Gluten-Free.  Despite what you may think..Gluten-Free does not alway’s help you lose weight. I also have to keep my calories up and my protein at a certain level and since most Gluten-Free is very low-protein I wind up eating quite a bit of food to reach my goal.

Anyway, I have two main options.

I can either:

Start exercising again and try to stick with it.  This is the tougher one but probably the best one health-wise as, it would be good for my bones too.


Gain more weight until I fit into a decent size  where they have more clothing options.  I am sort of in the middle of sizes now and it is very annoying.