Standing For A Belief

Along the lines of my last post, today was Chic-Fil-A Appreciation Day for those of us who appreciate the owner and workers of Chic-Fil-A for standing up for and abiding by what they actually believe.  Without getting into my personal viewpoint on the subject (which would cause a debate I’m sure amongst many) I don’t think a Christian company abiding by the beliefs of the Bible should be very surprising.  I do think its great that they are/were able to speak out and state what they believe and stand for and are willing to continue to stand behind it.

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  1. I applaud this owner and company Chick-fil-a for not being afraid to voice belief’s. Why is it when Christians voice their beliefs they are called homo-fobes or worse. But if a liberal spues ugly remarks “it is taken out of context.” A far too over used comment by all politicians. Freedom of speech applies to ALL. Not just if you agree with the issue at hand. I have too many gay friends too many to count and I adore. My gay friends know I am a moderate conservative. However, if given a vote would go with traditional marriage with a commitment ceremony for same sex. Does that make me a hater … no it allows me to have my own views and beliefs and freely be able to express what I prefer. Just as homosexual couples are allowed to voice theirs too. It makes NOBODY a hater because they prefer their views. It makes us human beings with different belief systems … and nothing wrong with that …

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