Does God Regret?

I lost a friend during Prop 8.  We had been friends for years. Close friends, I’d thought.  He was Gay which hadn’t bothered me.  He knew how I’d felt.  We had alway’s been honest with each other.  He asked me which way I was voting on Prop 8.  Then our friendship dwindled away because his other/Gay friends did not think he should hang around with those who voted/believed the other direction of them.  After all those years.  He never apologised.  He claimed he had Amnesia at the time and didn’t remember much.  I tried to tell him how hurt I was.  We have gone our separate ways and I’ve told him I want no more to do with him.  I don’t hate the man.  I pray for him all the time.  I miss our long conversations and the fun times we had.  But, it would never be the same.  That life chapter is closed.

I hope this Chck-Fil-A. situation doesn’t end the same way.  I am learning a lot about myself and others with this issue as well.  It has become way to much of an issue, in my opinion.  I have discovered an ex to have really changed his lifestyle from the time we dated (in Jr. High.) Guess my didn’t mean very much. Ha, Ha…  I’ve learned another friend is extremely supportive of the lifestyle and chooses never to eat at Chick-Fil-A again even going so far as to announce now who is voting for.

I’ve realized that I am very conservative and will continue to follow the rules of the Bible which may cause me to lose a few more friends.  I am well aware that Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs and with the way the world is living now, sometimes I wonder if the Lord regrets promising not to send another flood.  But, then again..if I were the Lord and I sent a flood..this time I would say Forget It and not even want to start over.


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