Her Post, But From Inside Me

I read something scary yesterday.  I read a post that could have come from myself from inside my head.  The difference is the girl who wrote it is actually living physically the situation I’ve only mentally gone through.  I would never take the actions nor write the words she wrote in her blog.  I believe there is  a BIG Difference in dreaming and doing.  I am seriously shocked by this persons honesty in a blog and even more shocked by her actions.

I wanted to tell her that I have been there in my head..to let her know she is not the only one, but even that is to much to write in a comment.  That is admittance to a subject that will remain locked away as is best.



  1. sometimes just knowing you’re not “the only one” can be a life saver.

  2. If I can find the post again..I’ve thought of a way to comment where she can read this post. Therefor, the words will still be unspoken directly but she will understand.

  3. I second what Homeless said … sometimes it is the simplest things like knowing you’re not alone that can save your life. Its awesome that you care 🙂

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