Real Friends

How many real friends do you have, in reality..not those you only talk to on Facebook.  But your supposed true Friends or maybe your BFF’s (should you still use that term).  Can you count them on one hand?  Now of those friends, how many can you turn to in an actual emergency or what you may think is an emergency?  .

I can count my friends on one hand and as to the 2nd part..I don’t know.  I had a situation happen where no one stepped up.  Nobody even asked a friend or neighbor to step up.  It was quite annoying.  This may be considered minor but it was a major situation to me.

My husband tells me I need more friends but there isn’t exactly a store for friends.  I try to start conversations and make small-talk in various places but it has never led to anything.  There was someone I thought it would go somewhere with but..she never called back after saying she would bug me all the time until I got tired of her.