How You Really Live

Do you clean before people come over?  Why do we do this?  My mother used to keep the house like we lived in a magazine.  It drove me crazy.  We never even used the Living Room except at Christmas or when guests came over.  I remember I used to ask all the time why it was called a ‘Living Room’ if nobody ever lived in it.  Plus, we had two antique chairs that we weren’t allowed to sit on.    I guess that’s why I’m not the perfect house-keeper.  I want to be able to live in my house.

Before I got married, I don’t remember cleaning the house every time someone came to visit, my friends know how I live.  Heck, most of us may leave some dirty dishes in the sink once in a while (I don’t usually do the dishes until the end of the day) and we can’t alway’s get around to dusting and vacuuming.  I believe in keeping the toilet presentable but other than that..does the bed have to be made and do all the papers that are strewn on the tops of tables or the top of the t.v have to be picked up?  I am not saying to have your house looking like a Hoarders (God Forbid) but why are we afraid to be ourselves?  Why do we put on a front so others believe we live perfect every day?  Do we really think they live perfect every day?

My husband has me clean the house before a Cleaning Lady comes.  Yeah..I know.  Not the basic dusting, vacuuming, etc..but clearing of everything because he wants it to look presentable and that way she/they won’t have to move anything.  He is lenient with me on the house-cleaning but I know he feels I could do more since I “don’t have a job.”  The truth is I stay at home due to health issues.  Most are getting a bit better but should I get a job  I would not get disability, so I am getting money and with all my health issues I could not hold a full-time job.  Being at home is a job.  We may not have children but I do take care of the house and the animals which are jobs in themselves.  He likes to tease me a lot; but in some ways he is quite happy I’m home to do things around here.

Back to the topic at hand… I really don’t believe in cleaning before people come over.  I mainly do it because my husband (and society) worries so much about what others think.   I am proud of who I am and people should accept me for that.  That includes the way I live and the way I keep my house.

Your thoughts?


  1. Society’s rule, just like women shaving their legs is a society rule.
    You don’t have to shave your legs but society will judge you if you don’t. Same with cleaning the house before visitors come over.

    I have a different definition for myself of who my “visitors” are. Visitors I clean house for, my friends see it like it is during daily use.

  2. You crack me up GF. I dont like my house messy when its just us much less for someone else! I do not like clutter but Im not as fanatical about dirt on the window sils or whatever. IF someone is coming over-family etc its Dave that goes bat nuts cleaning scrubbing etc. Im happy to just have it neat. Well thats OCD for ya!

    And to HA up there:EEWW I say shave your legs! Stubble is ugly! I dont shave as much in winter because Im wearing pants and boots alot with snow but still at home I know my husbands likes to see pretty smooth legs and underarms!

    • Oh my goodness Celaine, this post was about Housecleaning not personal hygeine. Let’s not change the topic totally.

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