Weathering The Opposite

My husband is constantly hot.  I swear, the man sweats in the shower.  It doesn’t help that we are having the hottest Summer on record.  Now I hear, “It’s hot, I think I’m dying, The heat is poison,”…blah, blah, blah.

I don’t like humidity mainly because it gives me bad headaches as I am a headache/migraine sufferer anyway.  I don’t like when it gets so hot you sweat after 5 minutes of doing nothing.  I admit I do get a bit lazy in the heat.   However:

I like real air!  I prefer open windows  to fans.  I prefer driving my car with the top down as often as possible when it’s hot.  It’s even fun to sit in the hot car with the top down and talk on my cell phone.  I bitch and whine when it’s cold.  I don’t like the cold.  I don’t like freezing and having to layer on clothes and blankets all day.  I get Reynaud’s periodically anyway.  I don’t like my extremities turning numb.

So, my husband takes himself to plenty of movies just to get away from the heat and he has taken me with him shopping.  Yes, I did find a shirt that fit.  I also ordered quite a few things mail order but I digress.

Our house does not have air-conditioning and that has already been an interesting discussion a few times.  We may get a bigger fan that can be moved around or if my husband decides on a room fan, I will just try to stay in other rooms when he is using it.

It’s very interesting living with someone who is the complete opposite of me on this issue.