Rejection of Giving

Here’s an idea.  If you don’t want help, Don’t be rude about it.  I just don’t understand people.

I drove by the park today and saw a homeless man sitting in the parking lot eating a Banana.  Yes, he was most definitely homeless with a bike and numerous bags and dirty clotes, etc.  Anyway, I drove in the lot and approached him with one of my Tote Bags filled with canned foods, soap, etc and offered it to him.  He actually said and I quote, “Take it away or I’ll throw it in the trash.”  When I asked him if he could tell me why he didn’t want it since it has food and I was only giving it to him because I care (I added lowly that God does too) he mumbled, then said again to “just take it”,  So, I said “Okay, but I tried.” and I took my bag  and drove away.

What weird feelings I have now.  First I thought, Fine..Let him starve, I don’t care.  Then, I thought.  Nooo, I can’t think like that.  Maybe I should pray for him.  But wait, he looks to be from another an Arab.  Like a person who wanted to blow up the planes and buildings in 9/11.  Maybe he hates Americans.  Maybe he hates God.  Maybe he hates Charity or has Pride.  Maybe he hates Women.  I don’t think they think to highly of us in their country.

Whatever the case, I am not done helping those who are in need and are thankful to those of us who really care.


  1. Here’s some more practical reasons why he might not have wanted your bag (note that I don’t know *specifically* what’s in your bag).

    1. He didn’t have room in his basket/bike to put it
    2. He didn’t have a can opener or a way of cooking/heating
    3. He eats at the local food kitchens
    4. Having new stuff would make him a target for the younger or more belligerent homeless population
    5. Annoyance at being considered ‘helpless’
    6. He has what he needs and doesn’t want anything else
    7. He “just wants to be left alone”
    8. He’s mentally ill, in this case perhaps paranoid, and doesn’t trust people or the stuff they might give him to be safe

    • He never looked in/touched the Tote Bag.. He barely glanced at it. I don’t give canned foods that don’t have a flip lid or a can opener.

      • Sorry, hadn’t read the rest of your reply. Yes, most makes sense but he still could have been a bit more polite unless it’s #8. Otherwise, just say, “I’m really not interested, No thank you. I’m not homeless. I don’t want charity. etc..” Not, “Take it away or I’ll throw it in the trash.” Just my opinion.

  2. Well if he didnt want it theres someone else who will! Im all about beggars cant be choosers and I bet his stomach regretted his big mouths decision later! Dont give this guy free rent in your head. You have a HUGE heart and theres others out there who will appreciate you!

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