Story #2..Spider & Teacher or Perv

5th Grade- Had a teacher named Mr. N. (Okay, it may have started with a W,  Celaine. I will private e-mail you if you really want to know).  This teacher was weird.  I remember he had a Tarantula in a tank on the counter in the back and he sat me in the back row.  I hate spiders especially big ones and to make it worse, this thing literally kept staring at me.  It never really moved.  It just stared.  I could feel it’s eyes burning into my neck every day.  I remember one day I seriously lost it.  I yelled at the thing..In the middle of class, ” turned around, looked at it and yelled, “Stop Staring At Me!”  Yeah, everybody thought I was nuts but I didn’t care.  I don’t remember if my seat was changed after that.

Another incident with same teacher came about when I was a T.A. (Teacher’s Aid.) I’m not sure I was his T.A.  I doubt it, however, if I remember correctly, was a great way to get credit without taking an actual subject..   Anyway, my friend Ardyth (who was a T.A. for the next class over) and I were in the  supply room when Mr. N. walked in.  He made a comment about my shirt.   Now I was never into wearing low-cut shirts and my mother used to say if it is to low-cut to use a safety-pin inside where no one could see it so on this day that is what I had done.  Mr. N.  came really close and started fiddling with my shirt and actually said, “What’s this? Is it a Safety Pin?”  I said, “Yes, Mr. N.  It is a Safety Pin.”  I was freaked out and my teeth were like totally clenched.  He was like way to close for comfort.  After, he left, I started to believe that maybe Mr. N. was the Perv that all the school children (I hate using the term “Kids” unless you are a Goat” called him all the time.