Reaction To Flu Shot

For those that say you cannot get the Flu from the Flu Shot, that may be true however you can get side effects that mimic the Flu.   I’ve had the side effects or the feelings of the flu after having the Flu Shot a few times.  One year, they gave the Flu Shots at work and within a few hours I was sweating and nauseated and  just feeling terrible.  My boss let me go home and when people said it was not from the shot, even my boss said, “Well, she didn’t come in like this!”  I was healthy to begin with.

It may be my weak immune system since I am on anti-rejection meds from my kidney transplant; but I have a reaction every year.

This time, it is mainly a sore throat and hot/cold chills which is a bit better than yesterday.  It helps that I slept 10 hours last night and yesterday I did not talk at all and used a Dry-Erase-Board all day.  I’m sure my husband was much appreciative for a day of silence and luckily he knew better than to make me laugh.



  1. The one time I had a flue shot I had the worst flue I ever experienced in my life! I will NEVER NEVER EVER have another flu shot!

    Pooor Thing! Feel Better and dont get anymore flu shots!!!

    • I HAVE to get a Flu Shot every year. Per my doctor, it is better for people like me with weak immune systems. Should I get the actual Flu later on, it should not last as long as usual and I probably won’t wind up in the hospital.

  2. Yes flu shots are 50/50 of getting flu symptoms after shot.

  3. The flu shot is a scam. I haven’t had a flu shot in 7 years and sometimes I get the cold.. I remember vividly that after every flu shot I was sick without fail.. forget that B.S.

  4. I got the flu shot on a Wednesday and on Thursday I had full blown flu. The hospital I work for has forced everyone to get flu shots this year. Several people have told me they had the same reaction. I was acutely ill for about a week, though it took the congestion weeks to decrease and it has never completely gone away. I still feel bad. I feel weak, have waves of nausea, congestion like glue that I can’t cough out, and it’s been 6 weeks since the shot. Several more employees were talking about it last night, how awful they’ve felt since getting that shot. But you take the shot, or get fired. Corporations run everybody’s life now. They are the fascist dictators. Wonder how much money the pharmaceutical companies have raked in from pushing the flu shot on everybody.

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