What Do You Fear?

It’s hard to believe Halloween is practically around the corner.  The year seem to be flying by.  I am trying to finish my Christmas shopping and dreading the bills each month.  But back to Halloween.  Actually before I get to that..since my brain is being weird tonight.  Do you have any Fears?  I have two main one.  Heights and Haunted Houses.

Heights-   I can’t do them.  I can do Airplanes; especially when we are on top of the clouds because then I feel as if I can simply walk on the cloud and God is with me but otherwise, I swear I am going to fall.  You won’t catch me in a Penthouse Suite and don’t ask me to stand at the edge of your balcony.  I cannot stand those romantic movies or even those killer type movies where one person has the other dangling over a balcony.  I can’t do hotels higher than the 7th? floor.  Actually, I think I’ve made it to the 7th so far.  I don’t remember exactly and 9/11 didn’t help.  I’m terrified of being caught in a high building during a fire or God Forbid, another 9/11 attack.  Needless to say, I can do the 2nd or 3rd floor at most but I would probably almost always have a back yard.

Haunted-Houses-  Okay, so my sister had this friend while we were growing up and the friend had a brother and I swear these people were just mean to me.  The girl would invite me to her house and lock me in the hallway and her older brother and his friend would have nylon masks over their heads and they would terrify me.  I remember running into the bathroom to get away and having one of the boys rising from the bathtub.  They even locked me in their garage once.  I was petrified as they jumped out and scared me to no end.  Needless to say, I still cannot handle things that jump out and scream.  I know they are people but my mind can’t handle it.  Plus, the ambience and the whole idea that I can’t get out to run away.  I tried going to a Haunted-House with a school group or something one time after this girl and her brother did this, and I went hysterical and my mother got mad and embarrassed and had to take me out of the Haunted House.  I did make it through the Queen Mary and there was a Haunted House to go through first which I really didn’t want to go through but they wouldn’t let you go through the Queen Mary unless you go through the Haunted House so I literally ran through the Haunted House, I don’t remember the Queen Mary.  My boyfriend at the time said he missed the whole thing because I ran so fast.  I’ve also been to Knott’s Scary Farm one time at least but it’s gotten worse over the years and now there are mazes so I refuse to go.  My husband likes this sort of thing so he goes with his friends.  I can watch it on the computer or watch a scary movie but that’s as close as I’ll get.

Please share some of your fears and if you know how you got them.  Don’t be ashamed, we are all friends and we really don’t know each other.



  1. My fear is dolls. The larger ones with the eyes that close when you lay them down and open when you pick them up-aaahhh NOOOO! Do not like dolls. I dont like ventriloquist dummy’s, or clowns either. But Dolls are the worst. My husband thinks its hilarious. There is now a Talking Tina (from the twilight zone) collector doll you can buy online My husband teases me hes going to buy it and put it in my bed. LOL the BRAT! I dont remember what started it-its just been a fear as long as I can remember. I dont like rocking horses either. But thats pale compared to dolls and V Dummy’s.

  2. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am bookmarking your feeds also.

  3. You better stay nice to me then or I’ll post a picture of my Doll Collection which I’ve been collecting for years..if not on here, I’ll e-mail it to you, wait, are they safe in a picture? If so, then if your not nice, I’ll get you one for your B-Day or Christmas. lol. Just Kidding. Obviously, I know firsthand the psychological effects of having your fears played on..I’m still living them.

  4. I couldn’t stop laughing!

  5. No I do NOT want your emails of dolls! NOOOOO! Giving yu THE LOOK

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