Back To School #4

When it’s 10:15 CA time and nobody’s read my blog, I guess it’s time to write a post: so here we go:

7th/8th Grade-Mr. Saksee-Science….   Mr. Saksee was awesome.  I first had him for Science in 7th grade.  He actually made Science fun.  Except the day of the frog dissection which wasn’t fun when some guy cut out the eyes of the frog and ran around like an idiot showing them off to all the girls freaking us out and cutting off the legs of the frog making them dance on his desk.  Gross!

Anyway, Mr. Saksee showed lots of films in his class.  He also had some live animals.  One of those were not fun either.  He had a snake in the back of the room along with live mice.  For some reason he chose our class in which to feed the snake almost Every time.  He would pick a volunteer (boy) to feed the snake and everyone in the class (most everyone, some of us would cover our eyes and practically cry for the mouse) would watch as the snake went after the mouse and ate the poor mouse.  He also had a beautiful Gecko named Spot.  Now, that thing was awesome!  It was beautiful with different colors all over it.  After class, I would stay and talk to Spot and yes, I would talk to Mr. Saksee too.  He had pictures of his previous students in the back room where the water sinks were.

Anyway, Mr. Saksee and I became friends, I think.  I’ll bet he would have made a great Mentor..however:

Boy, could that man embarrass me! 🙂

He nicknamed me “Bunny” for various reasons.  One day, I was sent by another teacher into Mr. Saksee’s room.  The students were in the middle of watching a film and it was dark.  I swear this really happened, Mr. Saksee stopped the film, turned on the light and said with a smile, “Bunny, it’s so good to see you!”  I think I dropped what I was going to give him and ran away.  Later, I had a little chat with him about when it is appropriate to stop films and turn on lights, etc.

Also, from then on, everyone called me “Bunny”.

I still use the nickname, “Bunny.”  My real name is very common.  If I go karaokying and there are to many people with my name, I go by Bunny.  One time, I volunteered to work with disabled children and there were to many people working there with versions of my real name so I said “Okay, you can call me Bunny.”  We had a name tag made up and everything.  The children loved it.  They laughed.  Of course, try saying the word “Bunny without smiling,  it’s a little difficult.


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  1. Bunny? Too cute…ok Bunny…LOL. You shuld have ever told me this. LOLOLOL

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