Back To School #5

9th/10th Grade- Mr. Yatlor (Man, I enjoy making up  or messing up names..)..Mr. Yatlor was really cool.  He taught English and Art.  I was in his English Class in 9th grade and TA ed for him in 10th.  As you can see, that was sort of trend with me.  Anyway, I remember in Mr. Yatlor’s class when I really liked this guy and we were coming up to reading Romeo and Juliet in class.  I was going to read the part of Juliet and I so wanted Jack to read Romeo.  So, I talked to Mr. Yatlor one day and asked him to make Jack read Romeo.  On my gosh, it was funny.  I read my part with such feeling and he was like a brick (if bricks could read.)  He hated every minute of it, you could tell.. but I secretly won that round and I was in the clouds.  Yes, Jack really was my Romeo…or so I thought.  We actually dated after high school and that’s a whole nother story.  It turned into a nightmare of sorts because Jack was a drug addict. ..but I digress;

The students called Mr. Yatlor; “Little Hitler” behind his back because he sort of looked like him.  He was a short man, and he sort of wore his hair and mustache the same way.  He was really nice though and would let you have some fun but.. if you didn’t do the work, your grades fell short..that’s just the way it was.  He was sort of stickler that way.

Ppart of my job as Teacher’s Aide was reading the Daily Bulletin to the class and for some reason, this was the time the class decided it would be fun to talk over me.  One day, I had a plan.  Every time they started loudly talking, I stopped reading.  After this happened twice.  I lost it and yelled at them:  “Look, I don’t have to read this!”  They looked at me in shock then looked at Mr. Yatlor as if to ask if I was allowed to yell at them.  Mr. Yatlor calmly looked back at them and said, “She’s right.  She doesn’t.”



  1. haha I once had a teacher who got so into his chemistry equations he wrote off the white board onto the wall while yelling gibberish.

  2. YATLER? ROTFLMBO!!!! I remember him and thought he was a great teacher! Yater……….ahhhh Im still laughing!

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