To Post or Not To Post

This blog is all true.  I don’t use real names to protect the people involved and to protect myself as I will always’ be terrified of the possibility of an ex finding me through this site.  It’s my thing and the way it is.  Plus, for some reason, I find it safer without real names.

I posted a post a while back titled, “Back To School #6”  The story put me in a bit of a bad light after reading it in print and definitely did not feel the same as the day it happened.  As a matter of fact, I had a feeling it may offend some..although I was not worried about the party involved in the incident as he and I are friendly now..however; I was in doubt of keeping the story published.  I wasn’t sure though, so I waited.  When I hadn’t heard feedback for a bit, I figured maybe it had flown under the radar…until:

I received a comment from a Very, Good friend of mine who told me she was a bit upset upon reading that story/post I had written.  She said it made her sad.  Had I kept the story and added her comment; I felt it would have made me look & feel worse than the original post & story already did.  So, I have deleted that entire entry.  I guess you could say her comment helped me make the final decision on that one.

Usually, when I don’t hear feedback, I change the title or add different tags or whatever to draw people, but that time I really didn’t want to draw people.  I guess I wanted it to fade into oblivion without judgement.

WordPress will almost always have judgement in one way or another be it from yourself or from the public.  Have you ever changed your mind on a post after posting?  How do you seriously make that decision of whether to let it go or stay?