So Tired, and I Think She Lied

I am so tired but I hate to get out of the chair to go to bed.  Does that even  make sense?

I saw my Primary today for an EKG for my surgery.  According to the EKG, something is off and I may have had a heart attack in the passed.  I don’t think so.  Actualy, neither does he.  He said it’s the same as the last EKG he did, whenever that was.  So, my EKG’s are never normal.  He cleared me for surgery and I have to take a copy with me to the hospital but the Anesthesiologist can refuse to to the surgery now and make me see the Cardiologist first, if he wants.

I still have to do labs and get a chest x-ray as well as go pre-register within the next 7 days.  I also need to finish Nano.

Plus, I discovered the Receptionist for the surgeon lied and there probably is that crappy (literally) prep stuff to drink which makes you crap all night long to clean you out before surgery, after she said there was “no prep at all this time.” She said that so happily, too.  I think tomorrow, I will sleep in and then, go pre-register at least and do the labs Thurs or Fri.  When I Pre-Register, I’m sure they will give me all the instructions and then I will know for a fact if she lied so I can prepare myself.  The prep and recovery is the worst part of any surgery, especially this kind.



  1. I thought I replied to this before that I was praying for you and hoped it all went well. I have replied and others before too-but most of my responses are gone. Hmmmm-trying to tell me something?. One thing I said before is this font is so small and its hard to read. You who tell me remove this color, or change your email wallpaper I cant read this clearly-chose this tiny font? I love you GF and want to be able read your blog-spare my old eyes will ya? I mentioned all this purply-pink >>too but hey if the font was bigger I can live with that color. LOL

    • I don’t know what your talking about most of your responses being gone. I didn’t delete any. Hey, I changed the theme. Hope you like it! 🙂

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