Fighting a Losing Mushroom Battle

Help!  I am having a battle with Mushrooms and I don’t want to lose.  They are taking over my yard!  Seriously.  They are everywhere.  For every 100 Mushrooms I pick up; there must be 300 the next day.  (I may be exaggerating a bit, but not by much.)  My back yard looks like a land-mine and I don’t want my dog to break his leg when going out to go potty.  I read about shoveling under the mushrooms to get them up.  So, every day I am shoveling under clumps, groups, nests, rows of numberous Mushrooms that have grown the night before.  They grow in lines and circles or they simply follow each other.  Some are just all together.  I also read about a local farmer who sprays Baking Soda and water in the hole after it’s empty to deter the Mushrooms from growing back but then the Mushrooms move to another area.

This is a major problem because I have a dog and for some reason he likes to eat Mushrooms and then he throws up.  I’ve read way to many stories of Mushroom poisoning to dogs and I know the least they can do is cause gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and vomiting which my dog experiences quite a bit.

Other than digging up my entire yard or banning my dog from the outside, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem naturally?

I would really appreciate any reasonable suggestions.


  1. Golly-gee, never heard that one before. I use white vinegar on all undesirables. Get the cheap stuff. You may have to re-apply, but it has the advantage of being a non toxic substance. Also it’s my understanding that mushrooms hate sunshine.

    • Yeah, the weather is getting worse now. I know Mushrooms hate wet soil and a storm is appoaching so my battle will continue. Vinegar, now that’s a thought. I know it’s great for cleaning so if it doesn’t kill them; at least they would be super pretty when they pop up.

      • use a nitrogen fertilizer-fertilization speeds up the decomposition of the organic matter that mushrooms eat and of what they themselves are composed. Another thing is to eliminate decaying materials that enhance growth-like stumps left in the ground, dog poop, leaves crass clippings etc. Those contribute to the mold spores that spread to cause the growth.

        A household item that I have seen in several places is balking soda diluted in water. This or Funginex but baking soda works better,

      • Yes, I’ve started using that. It is working some but then they grow in other places.

      • I went to, and they advice lime.

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