Change For Bus…Or Not

I had a Christmas post I’d written but it was in draft form and somehow had not been published so I just posted it.  Hopefully, you will not consider it to late as it  is still relevant.

Now onto today’s topic:

I do not like being lied to or taken advantage of, and I really do not like them both happening at the same time.  I consider myself to be a giving person and have been told I have a bit heart but I give too much or am to trusting and can get hurt someday.  True, one can also get hurt swimming, sky diving, driving your car, riding your bicycle or even crossing the street..but I digress.  If I should get hurt while giving to someone; it will be at least have been a blessing to have been partaking in what I believe God has called me to do.

Usually, I say a prayer over who God wants me to help before I help them although, sometimes there is not time.  Take today for instance:

As I exited the local store, a boy on a skateboard (maybe around age 16-18) approached me on a skateboard and asked if I could spare any change for the bus.  The bus stop is right across the street from the store and the bus was out at the stop.  I looked at him and said, “hmm, change for the bus?”  It seemed legit.  I dug out what I had coin-wise and gave him the change.  He skatebaorded to the bus and went behind it.  As I got in my car, he skateboarded back to the store parking lot, laughed with his friend and high-tailed it out of there..gast.  He NEVER took the bus.

Okay, it could have been the wrong bus, the bus may not have been running anymore.  Something may have happened but.. if so, why would you be laughing?.  I said a prayer of forgiveness for the boy but it is reaffirming my idea of not giving money away, and continuing on with my bags only.



  1. I believe in karma, and that at some point, that kid may ask the wrong person, and try that same trick, which could land him in harm. Sometimes it takes a hard lesson, to teach them against such behaviors.

  2. my response is a big DUH! Yet that last paragraph is one of denial trying to find an excuse for that lying little turd! WOW. It is what it is-he majorly scammed you and then was obnoxious about it, I his eyes you are not a gracious giving spirit but stupid gullible old lady he could fool. Yes I said old-woman at our age kids that age think were old! LOL. Im glad you learned and will go back to just your bags.

  3. I hear ya … those people ruin it for those that *really* need the help.

  4. Incredible! This blog looks exactly like my old one!
    It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

  5. I did not necessarily say I will never give change to anyone again; but I will definitely be more choosy and it is sad, because now I may even start judging by age group. How wrong that is.

    Thanks for the comment,,Sheree. I was actually going to try a different color scheme but this really seems to make my blog Zing! Plus, I got to put my baby’s picture at the top which means a lot to me. She is 7 years young! 🙂

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