Rising Food Price Observations

So, the wknd was spent being sick and feeling blah because that’s my life.the sick and well rollercoaster but mainly the sick part.  Sore throat, coughing, headaches, sneezing stuff.  Thinking you will never get over it and not wanting to get dressed or go outside to do anything.  Then, when you finally feel well enough to go outside; you don’t know who is winded more after walking halfway around the park..you or your dog who is almost 14 years old.

Anyway, today I finally slept in until 10:30.  I did go to bed around 2 so don’t get to excited because that only works out to about 8 1/2 hours or so but still.. it was a miracle for the animals to let me sleep in that long.

Anyway, I felt a lot better today so I got my grocery shopping done and I must say I am shocked at the grocery prices now.  I spent over $2-00.00 and saved a bit over $50.00 with my card  by buying most on my list but the price of bread and meat has sky-rocketed and they don’t even have the packs of hamburger which I used to bring home and separate anymore.  Now, you have to pay for the separate ground beef or burgers, which, although on sale still makes it more expensive.

Anyway, that’s my rant or observation of the day.  I need to do dishes before bed and I think I am aiming for 1 verses two tonight so I will tune in later.

Story of My Cat, ‘Firepie’

Someone commented recently that they admired the picture of my cat at the top so I decided to make this post about her.

I had just lost my third cat a few months prior to getting her.  I decided after losing T.  I wanted a female, orange, tabby because I had never had one and because I heard a female, orange tabby was very rare as most orange tabbies are male.  I decided to pray, and look, and wait.  I also worked for a veterinarian at the time so I put the word out to my co-workers to keep their eyes and ears open for me.

During the time of waiting, I decided to pick a name.  I did not want a normal name.  I wanted something different.  I am not a normal person and I really like my pets to have special names.  I knew I wanted the name to have Fire as part of it.  It seemed only fitting.  At first, I really like Wildfire as I love the song about the horse.  But, my husband voted that down.  He was the one who actually came up with the name ‘Firepie.”  There is a back story about a friend of his or someone he knew and a nickname; but I just like to tell people I wanted the name to have the word Fire and we both like Pie so..there ya go.

Anyway, while at work one day; one of the girls ran up to me announcing she had found my Firepie.  The lady who brought her in said she was about 6 months old and she had wandered in her garage.  They’d kept her for about two weeks or so but they could not keep her because they already had two cats.  She had named her “Penny’.  At first, I wasn’t sure because I had really hoped for a kitten but I took her home and decided to try her out  My husband liked her from the get-go.

We had her spayed where I work and it was after she was spayed and I checked on her and discovered a gigantic hole in the box and she had escaped the box and was hiding under a chair that I knew this was definitely going to be my baby.

Headaches & Wii

I am trying to fight my headaches without meds for a bit.  This is tough.  Tylenol can cause rebound headaches and so can my Imatrex so the best bet is when I get a headache to just use my Head-On (which they don’t make anymore) and try t o go to sleep.  Unless it is a killer migraine in which case; I will have to take my Imatrex.  I know the difference in headaches though and last night wasn’t.  Needless to say, this month at least, I’ve taken to many darn pills.  Of course, this weather doesn’t help.  We had one nice day and now the rain is back.  Totally annoying.

I worked out for 50 minutes yesterday to the Wii.  Okay, actually, I played Wii Sports but to me that is working out and according to the Wii, it is too.  My Wii Fitness age went down from age 80 to 67 so I’m on the right track (hey, maybe I’ll actually reach the age I really am soon) but for the life of me; I could not win a tennis match.

Fergetfulness Can Be Funny

I really should stay away from Petco because I alway’s wind up buying teats and toys my babies don’t really need while I’m there.  I used the gift card my friend gave me but I still bought extra toys that we really didn’t need although my fur-babies love (of course) and my old, dog insisted on treats so what could I do?

On another note, I think I am losing my mind.  What else is new?  I really thought the housekeepers had gone and cleaned inside a few of the drawers when here, but, then I checked with my husband and he said that the adult drawer (which I’d questioned) was the same as he always kept it, which makes me think; maybe I am the one that hid my diary so they wouldn’t find it and maybe I am the one that folded my clothes in the other drawer a while back when sorting them and forgot.  It is possible.  Sometimes, when my headaches increase, or a lot is on my mind, or I eat the wrong foods and gluten reactions hit; I do weird things and completely forget.

It’s to bad because the suspicion of a Housekeeper finding our adult porn drawer was rather funny, I’ll admit.  I even asked my husband if he was sure he didn’t hear anything that sounded like a vacuum but wasn’t.  HA!

HouseKeeper & Horror

We had housekeepers come yesterday (I’m lucky if we hire someone maybe once a year) and they did okay but they organized a drawer I didn’t want them going into (they should not have opened any drawers at all) and they ruined our range hood by scrubbing it so hard they scrubbed the paint off it.  It seriously looks like crap now.  Today, I have to start putting all the stuff away that we put in the two rooms we didn’t allow them in.  Isn’t it sad how we have to literally put all our stuff away so the housekeepers can clean?  Something is wrong with that picture.

Anyway, I tried to stay away so as not to be exposed to the chemicals with my wonderfully, weak immune system and I took myself to see the movie, ‘Mama”.  You may like it if you liked the movie, ‘Lady In the Water.’  It had a bit of a plot but a weird ending.  In  my opinion, I don’t think it was “Horror Movie” at all.  You could call it suspenseful if you want.  Of course, I read True Crime.  Those are more horror than any movie such as this and if you’ve ever seen movies about Ted Bundy, The Guyana Tragedy or even the Holocaust; those are real horror. versus some of this Hollywood crap.  Although, if you want to discuss Hollywood.  Go back to Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, and Halloween, if you want horror.  The new ones just don’t compare.

Flash Memory

So, we went to IHOP last night and I ordered the wrong crepes.  That isn’t hard to do because they have like 1,000 choices, but I am gluten intolerant and have to be careful.  Needless to say, I am paying for it.  I can only;y eat the Fruit Crepes.  I got the Fruit Dessert Crepes.  Not, the same.  It had some weird filling in it.  I should have known better.  My fault..whatever.

Have you ever had Flash Memories?

I just did and they drive me nuts sometimes.  “Flash Memories” or that’s what I call them are when a memory just comes from out of nowhere for no reason whatsoever.  I was just taking a bath and had memories of the time my grandmother was dying and I got brave enough to tell her I loved her and she looked me straight in the eye and said, “Who is that?”  I was really young then, so I ran out of the hospital room and back to our motor home…and the time my dad was dying and I could not be near him because it was too painful to watch, and the time my friend died but nobody from her family bothered to tell me.  Plus, the time my mother got sick and was dying and called me by my sister’s name, as well as the times she continually bitched at me about not liking the facility she was in because she wanted to go back to her mobile home.

But, the weirdest thing is:  the tears didn’t come until I remember my animals who died.  My first Fur-Children of my own.  Nobody can tell me animals don’t have souls or don’t go to Heaven.  I will alway’s believe they are over the Rainbow Bridge right now playing with the rest.

Mommy still misses and loves you Sweet Babies and alway’s will.


Dog Door Drama

Today is the 3rd doc appointment this week.  Tired of docs, and I have more appointments to schedule soon for others.

Plus, now my husband is starting to feel sick.  He’s got the same nose crud going around that I just got over.

Last night I had a dream that it was a bad storm and my sis and I were together and for some reason, my cat wass at the door wanting to go out (she is an indoor cat) and my sis let her out.  I was like, “What did you do?” She doesn’t go outside!” and my sis said, “She wanted to.  She’ll come back.”  but, I got dressed and went out in the rain to find her.

Then, I woke up this morning to discover the motor on the dog door had stopped working and the cat could go out if she wanted to.  My husband said she probably won’t because she knows she isn’t allowed in that room and not to try the door; but she sneaks in that room periodically and she is really smart.  She knows the difference in sound.  She has gotten out before when that door didn’t work.  So, I am going to monitor when the door to the office is left open and close her in another room when it is.   I am not risking losing my baby while we wait to purchase a new dog door.

Health & Weather

Not much going on other than it being a doc appointment and cleaning week.

Saw my new OB on Mon and he did something called an HPV test along with my regular.  I’ll have to look that up more because I’m not sure just what it is but he said it is done every 5 years or so.

I have had increased headaches this month due to the weather.  Every time there is  a major weather change..especially to colder weather; it messes terribly with my head.

I really hope we have an extra hot Summer again although, my husband would suffer if we do.  He doesn’t suffer with headaches and sickness.  He just whines that it’s to hot because he sweats a lot.

Fitting Into The Working Industry

So, I just read an article where someone said they believed the Head of the School-Board or the superintendent-of-Schools should either have children or at least be required to like children in some way in order to get the job.

I want to take that thought a lot further.  I’ve always believed larger type woman should work in large woman clothing shops, petite woman should work in woman’s petite shops,  Italians who speak English as well, should work in Italian restaurants, etc.  After all, you don’t see people who are in the business of gaining weight and working at ice cream shops talking about and boasting Jenny Craig diets.  Why not fit people to the industry they can represent?

Men = Football,Woman = Shopping

I just returned from my favorite thrift store titled Grateful Hearts in Los Alamitos, CA.  I actually need to check out their other store titled, The Feed Store which is located in Long Beach, CA. because I’ve heard they have more vintage clothing and I haven’t been there yet.  But, anyway, Grateful Hearts is having a  75% off sale today in order to re-stock and I can’t believe I spent less than $5.00 on two shirts (one for me and one for my husband), a Birthday Present for my husbands’ Niece, and a small item for the OCC box I am working on.  I have also already ordered a few items for Christmas and/or B-Days for later in the year.  I know it is only January but I am an all-year shopper and I need to start early in order to not go broke in December.

My husband went to watch football and eat dinner somewhere.  I wish he had taken a pic of my face when he invited me and said “it would be fun”.  No, I don’t think so.  I’ve entertained the idea of doing some of the same things he likes to do but going somewhere where guys get all excited when other guys knock each other down for a ball is not my idea of fun.  Plus, the yelling just increases my headaches.  No thank-you.  I told him, it would be like inviting him to a musical which I might find “fun.”  I know he wouldn’t  find that fun at all.