Dog Door Drama

Today is the 3rd doc appointment this week.  Tired of docs, and I have more appointments to schedule soon for others.

Plus, now my husband is starting to feel sick.  He’s got the same nose crud going around that I just got over.

Last night I had a dream that it was a bad storm and my sis and I were together and for some reason, my cat wass at the door wanting to go out (she is an indoor cat) and my sis let her out.  I was like, “What did you do?” She doesn’t go outside!” and my sis said, “She wanted to.  She’ll come back.”  but, I got dressed and went out in the rain to find her.

Then, I woke up this morning to discover the motor on the dog door had stopped working and the cat could go out if she wanted to.  My husband said she probably won’t because she knows she isn’t allowed in that room and not to try the door; but she sneaks in that room periodically and she is really smart.  She knows the difference in sound.  She has gotten out before when that door didn’t work.  So, I am going to monitor when the door to the office is left open and close her in another room when it is.   I am not risking losing my baby while we wait to purchase a new dog door.

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