Story of My Cat, ‘Firepie’

Someone commented recently that they admired the picture of my cat at the top so I decided to make this post about her.

I had just lost my third cat a few months prior to getting her.  I decided after losing T.  I wanted a female, orange, tabby because I had never had one and because I heard a female, orange tabby was very rare as most orange tabbies are male.  I decided to pray, and look, and wait.  I also worked for a veterinarian at the time so I put the word out to my co-workers to keep their eyes and ears open for me.

During the time of waiting, I decided to pick a name.  I did not want a normal name.  I wanted something different.  I am not a normal person and I really like my pets to have special names.  I knew I wanted the name to have Fire as part of it.  It seemed only fitting.  At first, I really like Wildfire as I love the song about the horse.  But, my husband voted that down.  He was the one who actually came up with the name ‘Firepie.”  There is a back story about a friend of his or someone he knew and a nickname; but I just like to tell people I wanted the name to have the word Fire and we both like Pie so..there ya go.

Anyway, while at work one day; one of the girls ran up to me announcing she had found my Firepie.  The lady who brought her in said she was about 6 months old and she had wandered in her garage.  They’d kept her for about two weeks or so but they could not keep her because they already had two cats.  She had named her “Penny’.  At first, I wasn’t sure because I had really hoped for a kitten but I took her home and decided to try her out  My husband liked her from the get-go.

We had her spayed where I work and it was after she was spayed and I checked on her and discovered a gigantic hole in the box and she had escaped the box and was hiding under a chair that I knew this was definitely going to be my baby.

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