Sorry so long..No excuses

Gosh, I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I’ve written.  I try to write at least every other day.  I won’t use the I’ve been sick excuse (although I have) because that would be annoying and you would get tired of hearing it.  I just finished the last day of my Z-Pack today and started feeling a bit better yesterday.

I just finished playing Wii for an hour.  I consider that a work-out.  It was Wii Bowling, Tennis, Ping-Pong, etc.  but it still kept me moving so it is still considered fitness for this girl.

The weather today is cold for us.  I say for us because if I whine about the weather to much, my relatives in WA like to remind me that they have snow or are freezing or whatever; like it makes a difference.  I don’t choose to live in those type area’s where it is even colder to affect my headaches and sinuses.  I am not a cold weather person at all.

I saw my Metabolic Specialist yesterday who was quite impressed with the changes I’ve been making since I started seeing him.  Although I do need tokeep taking my pills correctly.  It gets tough sometimes with as many pills as I have to take; but that’s why I am on disability and it is nobody elses responsibility but my own.

As my husband keeps reminding me; my health is the most important thing in my life to keep track of.

Amusing Spam

I have been sick since the 2nd so I saw my Primary first thing this morning and have been diagnosed as having a minor case of Bronchitis and I will be starting on the Z-Pack.  I’ve had the Z-Pack before and I am actually looking forward to taking it and finally kicking this crap.  I get so tired of being sick after a while.  It sucks when you are on immunosuppressants and get the same stuff over and over again.  Plus, sickness always last longer than everyone else and you just can’t kick it without antibiotics.

Actually, it isn’t just from the transplant and immunosuppressants.  I have been this way all my life due to my metabolic disorder.  I never did get the ‘Perfect Attendance Award’ in school.  I remember my mother telling me that was a stupid award anyway because it encouraged children to go to school while sick and getting everyone else sick.  When I was younger, I would wind up in the hospital with Bronchitis or the Flu for weeks at a time.  At least now I am older, I know how to handle things at home but I still get sick way more than I would like to.  Not that anyone likes being sick.

I’ve had some interesting Spam comments lately.  Obviously, I haven’t approved them.  Yeah, I’s hard to tell sometimes if its Spam, Ham, Pam (what?’), etc.. but where do some of these come from?  One of them keeps telling me my writing has gotten boring to them and they will continue reading if my writing improves because they know I can do better.  Excuse Me!  Did I not mention, this is my real life?  Gosh, I’m so sorry my real life is boring to you.  Out of all the wonderful, exciting blogs out there you can read, I’m sure there are many interesting ones you can find to fill whatever fantasy it is to keep you going.  I’m not going to cater to you one spammer person because you find my blog boring that you are so important that I should change my life posts in order to keep you as a follower.  I am so sorry.

Then, there are the others asking how to like the blog by mobile or what server I am using?  What?  I have no idea.  This is WordPress, is it not?  I am not technological.  You figure it out.  Aren’t those technology questions, you would ask of WordPress?  Of course, we can’t forget the gobbledygook things like:  “This information is newsworthy and I will share it with my friend who is writing about such things and will find it interesting”,  “Your writing is amazing and news is interesting.  I will share with others and come back.”,  “I was searching for sites with news such as this, I will definitely return.”

Isn’t it wonderful?  These people were actually searching for true stories about people who have given change for the bus to those who don’t really need it and they thought it was news-worthy.  Apparently, their friends will too so they are forwarding that one and I may get more readers.  I don’t think so.

I would love to hear about some of your Spam comments.  Don’t you find them a bit amusing?

Your Advice, Please

It is a new year and I am debating on writing a letter to an old friend.  It is a friendship I am sad to have lost.  It was her choice but..

The story goes like this:

While in school, in the early 80’s, the girls had to take Modern-Dance while the boys took Football for P.E.  Our teacher made us take hands with another girl in order to become partners or she would assign someone. (I wonder if that could have started Lesbianism? lol) but I digress..  I asked a blonde, girl if she wanted to be partners and she said “Ok.” and so we danced.  (That sounded dumb.)

We became close friends.  I was a Bridesmaid in her wedding.  She made me wear a horrid, pink, dress.  (The dress wasn’t horrid, but the color was.  I HATE PINK!!).  She stayed with me for a while when she had problems with her husband, she was there for me during my many crisis with men.

Our lives went different directions.  We had a fight.  I don’t remember why.  Her last request was for me to be sure to tell her if I ever got married, or had children or whatever.  And I did:

The problem:  I was getting married.  We weren’t talking at the time but, I left her a msg and told her I was getting married.  I try to keep to my obligations with friends if I can.  But, there was no room for anyone else to attend.  She called back and said that she wanted to come to the wedding but there was absolutely no room and no way I could have invited her.

Needless to say, she was offended that I did not invite her.  We were not even speaking at the time.  I had only told her to meet my obligation.  It did not sound as if she really cared anyway.

I’ve apologised again and again, to no avail.

But, it is 2013.  It’s been almost 13 years.  I have started receiving Christmas Cards from her over the past 2-3 years, I wonder if she would be receptive to writing again.

Do you think I should try or continue to leave it alone and pray she will eventually forgive and come back on her own, if God wants us to be friends?

Please give me your opinion on this one, as I really don’t want to make the wrong decision.

*Later in the evening: –   Thank you for those who gave their opinions:  I have taken the step and written and mailed a letter to her today.  It is up to God now and of course to her to see if there will be another step.  It is time to start anew.  Hopefully.

To Regift or Not To Regift=The Question

I read an article not to long ago (not sure if it was true) where someone gave a gift to someone else and said, “I hope you like it.” and the recipient said, “Oh, I do, I gave it to you two years ago.”  Oops.

Which brings me to today’s topic of Re-gifting:  What do you think about it?  Have you got it mastered or do you think it tacky?

My mother taught me the art of re-gifting.  Actually, she had a closet of extra gifts that she had received and if I ever needed an emergency gift for a work gift exchange or whatever, I would go to her house and find something from that closet.  Now, I keep  a list of everything I give and get for/from everybody throughout the year.  I do this so I don’t get them the same thing the next year for their B-Day and Christmas and I also have the list for Thank-You notes.

As for re-gifting, I keep a post-it or sticky note with the name of who gave the  item attached, until I decide who it is going to next, and I make sure whoever it goes to is not in the same circle as the one it was received from.  Last year my neighbor gave me a candle in the shape of a Christmas present.  While nice, it just isn’t me, but my husbands’ Aunt loves candles, so I re-gifted it and gave it to her this year for Christmas.  Should my husbands’ Aunt ever visit, it is not like she is going to bring the candle here or mention it loudly in front of my neighbor, so I am safe.  Most other re-gifting usually goes to strangers in need; but some can work between friends and family or even friends and friends as long as they don’t come in contact with each other..

Sick From Talking On Phone?

I know I have a weak immune system but can someone get sick from talking to someone over the phone?  I start my New Year with the same crap I alway’s get.  I’ve been talking to my sister a for the last few days who has had this crap.  Although, the girl at the Lab has had it also and I have had  to go there twice within the last week.  I woke up this morning with a terrible cough and grabbing for my inhaler which I got when I had this last time.

I’ve learned an advantage to being Gluten-Free (although I really don’t recommend it unless you really need to).  In order to go to dinner, I look for places that have gluten-free options and yesterday, I really wanted Pizza.  I found a place called Bueno Guesta in Huntington Beach, CA. and we went there.  The pizza was okay and a medium actually gives me 4 meals since I eat two pieces at a time and the girl said any pasta dish can be made gluten-free.  My husband ordered pasta and the portion was large.  The point is that it is a bit fun trying new restaurants.

One of the disadvantages (I could make a list) is going to the store (Fresh and Easy is one) only to find they really don’t carry many gluten-free items at all.  I have a relative that gives me gift cards for there all the time for holidays and I am learning to buy most things for my husband there.  I was really disappointed in their gluten-free selection.  One of the manager’s did say; as more people request it; they may get more in; but…

Anyway, today I plan to relax, try to stay warm and get some paperwork done maybe.  Also, need to take more cough syrup which has Codeine so I may be taking a nap.