Totally Vintage Jeans

Oh my gosh, My Jordache Jeans arrived and they fit fantastic!  I totally remember them.  It’s not just the brand but the fit.  The high waist.  I can rarely find them anymore.  I can’t stand the low waist jeans.  I also found Levi’s, Gitano, Ditto’s! 
Funny story about Ditto’s;
My mother bought everything on sale.  I was not really a name-brand person but I so wanted a pair of Ditto Jeans.  They were just cool and everyone was wearing them at school.  I begged mom for a pair of Ditto’s.  Finally, mom got me a pair of green, Ditto jeans.  You would have thought I’d received a Diamond Ring or a gold bar.  I word those jeans to school like I owned the place.  I told everybody,  “Yeah, I’m in.  I’ve got Ditto’s.  See, I dress fashionable.”  Then, it happened.  One of the well-dressed, popular snobs approached me and said, “Why are you wearing those?, Those went out of style last week.”  Needless to say I was devastated.  I was embarrassed.  I could have hidden in a hole.  I was so mad at my mother. 
I went home and told her I was never going to wear those jeans again.  My mother said, “Yes, you are.   I spent good money on those jeans and you are going to wear them.” So, I wore them at home or to church or to whatever social events; but not to school, because they were out of style due to mom waiting until they went on sale. 
But you know what?  Vintage is back now!  I’m an adult!  Brands don’t matter.  Comfort matters.  I loved the 80’s and still do.  Anything and everything is fair game.  For those that like to tease me (CelaineyGirl), Yes, I probably will be purchasing some Ditto’s soon.  I even like the 70’s clothes like The Brady Bunch.  Colored jeans and pants, why not?    
I say Be Yourself and take pride in your style.     

Spending Habits = Book

So, I think I’ve spent to much money this month.

I was reading the Shopaholic book by Sophie Kinsella and it was so good, I had to purchase tha series.  Now, that’s wrong somehow when it is about a Shopaholic and it encourages you to buy.  Mind you, the story isn’t true, but still.  You just have to keep following her.  I did not get the one where she has a baby so that was one less book..but still.

Then, I needed food because I’ve been eating the wrong stuff lately and not reading the labels correctly and my body has been paying for the wrong crap; so I order from an online food store for some gluten-free food and the shipping costs are is outrageous.

I’ve also needed jeans since my jeans are getting to big.  I have like three sizes in the closet but not the ones I need,  and I can’t stand the lower- waist nowadays so I found some really cool, Vintage Jordache which are on the way.

So, like the girl in the Shopaholic book would say, “This is stuff I need and not just stuff I want”.  However, in my case, my husband will help me pay off the bills (amidst much bitching probably) because we don’t go allow ourselves to go into debt; so my spending habits would not make a very amusing book.

Sickly Wknd & Wish List

Another nasty headache day and another two past days of being sick.  Lovely.  I had plans of going to the casino with a friend yesterday but that didn’t happen.  I have like 4 different heart tests coming up per my Cardiologist due to having a heart murmur and irregular or missing beats. He used another word but I don’t remember it.

Anyway, that’s not really what I wanted to discuss today;  I wanted to discuss the Amazon Wish List.  Why?  Because I love it, that’s why!  I think, it’s one of the best inventions ever.  I know every store has a Wish List now. But, with Amazon, you can wish for almost anything and you can buy your friends anything they want too.  There is really no going wrong if they get something from your list.  Just remember to check off whatever you buy if you get it for yourself, first.  I buy things throughout the year and my friends get really surprised when they get things off their lists, plus, some of them have so many things they forget what was on them from a long time ago.  I try to keep my list updated because a lot of my items are from specialty type stores so they run out or just don’t carry them anymore so I have to get creative and keep replacing things.  Plus, when it comes to books; I tend to buy them up quickly because I like to read.


Valentines Day Amusement

Valentine’s Day has passed and I must tell you what happened.  My husband came home the night before and  said, “Oh, I got you a card’ and tossed it on the table.  We have discussed before that we don’t really do cards, but whatever.  I had put my whole 5 decorations up in the kitchen and we are going to dinner tonight; but we always go to dinner on…Anyway; I digress.. I said, “Since you so unceremoniously threw the card on the table I will open it now and just sit it around to enjoy for Valentines Day.”  I opened the card and was shocked to discover a PINK rose with a PINK border and some verse about being special.  WTH?  I looked at him.  This was weird.  I was like, “Why did you get me a card with a pink flower on it?  You know I hate PINK and I’m not into flowers.  Couldn’t you have got me a funny card?” and he goes.. “I put a lot of thought into that card.”  Then he looked at me and said, ….WAIT FOR IT…….”Actually R. got the card because he was going to get his wife a Valentines Day card and asked if he wanted me to have him pick one up for you?”  I cracked up.  I told my husband to tell R. he bombed on the card.  R. doesn’t know me at all.  I told S. I want a card if it is a funny card.  That verse didn’t even sound like it came from him.  I still put it on the bottom shelf..but sheesh.  S. isn’t in some high paying position and R. isn’t his personal secretary getting his wife gifts and cards for occasions.

After that, I wrote a list of things S. can get me if he ever wants to surprise me for occasions.  After all, I’ll be turning 50 in two years anyway, if I actually make it to that age.  I e-mailed the list to him and he liked the idea.

So, despite my last Valentine’ Day post, my day did turn out amusing after all..

The Future Of Gender..My Beliefs

This one is going to upset some people but it is my blog and my opinion and free speech so if it offends you..well.. Uh.. Okay, I’m sorry if my personal opinion on this issue offends you. However, it is my opinion.  Anyway, here we go:

Apparently, Little Saigon (I believe it was there) has a Tet Parade every year and they do not include the LGBT groups because they do not believe in them as part of their religious culture.  Well, as you may have guessed, the LGBT groups did not like this because it is unfair and discrimination.  They must be part of the parade because as you know, everyone must know that they have their own groups and we should all be excited to see them flaunt the fact that men like men and women like women..but I digress.  So, they took the case to court..but they lost this time because it was to close to the actual parade date.  However, now the rules may be changed for future parades and the Tet parade may have to be held without prejudice or discrimination.  In other words, it will no longer be their parade.

I miss the times of boys and girls forts and clubs when boys or girls were not allowed.  I believe there should be places for only Men and Woman.  I believe organizations should be able to have parades and clubs they believe in and if they don’t want a certain group; it should be okay.  I would like to go back to the time when morals were instilled and children had a mother and a father only.  When a mother was a female and a father was a male.

You do not see straight people having a parade to show everyone how excited we are.  I do not understand the flaunting of what some still do not agree with.

I am a Believer and I believe God is crying great tears at his decision of promising never to flood the world again.

I believe soon we will all become people and it won’t matter if we are men or women anymore.. and that will be a very, sad day.

My Valentine’s Day Post

Well, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  That sappy, syrupy day when you are supposed to be all romantic and dreamy-eyed. Gag Me!  My husband and I are not that way.  Never have been, never will be.  He actually asked me the other day, “When is Valentine’s Day and am I supposed to do something for you?”  I didn’t remember if it was the 12th or the 14th.  I had to look at the calendar.  I’m like, “We don’ tdo that stuff.  I’ll decorate the house with my 5 decorations and we can order pizza or whatever.”  Seriously.

I don’t do candy.  I’m lactose intolerant plus, who needs a box of crap, I mean chocolate.  I love white chocolate but even a box of that would be to much.

We don’t do flowers.  My cat eats them.  She even eats fake flowers.  The last time someone gave me flowers I tried putting them on top of the refrigerator and she got up there and kncoked them down.  I was lucky the vase didn’t shatter.

A stuffed animal?  Nice but not practical, plus, I would have to pick it out and my real animals would probably chew on it if it was too small.  Or, my stuffed bears (I have one I’ve had since I was 16) would get jealous so I really don’t need another bear.

Anything PINK is definitely OUT.  I HATE that color.  I barely allow it in the house.  My niece got offended when I was kidding and told her I wouldn’t let her in the house because her hair was pink.  I can’t believe people color their hair pink…but I digress.  Anyway, I’ve told friends and family, if they ever get me anything pink, be prepared to be hit with it.  I don’t wear it, own it, want it, you get the idea.  I also don’t like lace or any other frilly things or words such as sweet or cute.

Yes people, I am still a girl but definitely not your girly girl. Blah.

So, I wanted to watch Charlie Brown for Valentines Day with my husband.  That’s all I wanted.  Guess what?  We missed it!  Why the heck do they play it on t.v. the wknd before?  Who does that?  Why don’t you play it on Valentines Day or the day before?  It’s on ABC, for crying out loud!  So, I guess I’ll be watching it alone on the internet and then, we may go for a drive or just watch a movie and have pizza.  Maybe a horror movie, definitely, not some sappy one.

For you that enjoy the holiday, Happy Valentines Day!

Wknd Life & Motivation

Did anyone else go to see Identity Thief this wknd?  I mean obviously people did since it was like the top film or something.  We had to go late on Sunday because Sat afternoon the guy at the theater told my husband the wait would be a half hour so, after he watched whatever movie’s he liked.  He came home around 6 and we went to a different theater and saw Identity Thief.  Yep, my husband is movie obsessed.  It doesn’t matter that we have a 73 inch screen here.  I actually prefer to stay home in my pajama’s with my animals but whatever.  It was a good movie, I admit, although I think the critics were correct in saying Molly’s character (forget her name) overplayed it a bit.

Today was a really bad Migraine Day.  I had to take two different meds to get rid of it.  Oh, the pain!  I felt like I was getting hit on the side of the head with a bat.  My husband is so good to me and so patient but I know he gets really tired of it and I do too.  I think I am going to see my Neurologist and see about getting my headache meds changed.   I got up and ate something before going back to bed and he took a shower real quick to start his day, while I ate.  He had taken the day off and it must have sucked to have his wife sick half the day.  Then to top it off, Time-Warner decided to quit on us for like 3 hours so we had no phone, internet or computer.  Luckily, we did have some shows already taped which we had access too plus, I am in the middle of reading a really funny book.

I have started working out again.  Let’s see if I can stick with this for a while this time.  My sister fell and broke her arm/shoulder area on one side and her knee/leg area on the other.  Her fall has given me motivation to strengthen my muscles and stay that way.  It’s sad if that is what it took for a lifestyle change but.. I have a program for Wii titled, Fit-In-Six. and I am amazed at all the options.  I worked on my core a few days ago and I thought I would never move my abs again.  Then, yesterday it was a walk around the park.  Today it was the exercise bicycle for 30 minutes.  I guess I am doing what you call ‘circuit training” and doing something different every day so as not to get my muscles used to the same thing over and over every day.  I also have Wii Sports which I love, especially Tennis.

Bad Restaurant Review A Head

Yesterday, I went to Coco’s for lunch with a friend.  Remember, I am Gluten Intolerant.  I asked the woman who sat us if  they had a food list for people who were gluten-free as I had seen a list on the internet and had forgotten to print it and take it with me.  She said she would check.  When she finally came back, she said they didn’t have anything like that.  When I asked to speak to the manager, she said she was the manager.  What?  If she was the manager, she would not have had to check.  Then, the server showed up.  Now, there was a note on the bottom of the Coco’s menu that said, if you are gluten-free or have questions, (something like that), ask your server.  I talked to the server and he was rude.  I don’t know where he was from.  But, he was like, “I’ve worked here over 23 years and I’ve never heard of that.  Just read the menu.”  I finally remembered the website saying I could have mashed potato’s.  I did confirm with the server what was in them and what they were cooked in so I had a side of those.  While eating, I looked up the website and found the list at Coco’ so on the way out, I told the server in case they wanted to keep it on hand for next time.  He gave me a really dirty look and said, “You just read the menu.” 
Needless to say, this Coco’s is getting a really bad Yelp review from me.     

Very Interesting Searches

Did you hear the news?  “Tom Leykis said the Miata is gay.”  That’s one of the top searches on WordPress so it must be true and one of the top searches to my site, but if Tom Leykis said it..well, we all must follow and believe.  I used to listen to Tom. .until he left the radio.  That was a sad day in my book.  You know he does make a lot of sense even for women.  It’s to bad, I didn’t listen to him much earlier when I dated (okay, met up with) a guy only on Thursdays.

*Keep it clean please, my friends and family read this page and for those who haven’t heard Tom and don’t know full past history; let’s keep them in the dark of my beautiful reputation*.  Yep, I was this guys Thursday girl and he never really wanted to go anywhere or do anything especially if it meant being in public or with anyone we might know.  God forbid, if it should become boyfriend/girlfriend.  Had I known the Thursday rating at the time; I would have kicked him to the curb before I learned the true meaning of it all. and the fact that he was lying about being in the National Guard or at least going as often as he did and was actually seeing someone else and became “engaged” after telling me he did not want a relationship with anyone.

Anyway, I guess now, Tom says the Miata car is gay.  Sorry, this one I’m not sure I agree with.  Then again, if you mean only when a man drives it.  I do think a Miata is more a woman’s car but it also depends on the year.  I love my beautiful 93 Miata!  She is awesome looking and she is a classic this year.  She is a female and she is definitely not Gay or a Lesbian either.  Thank you very much.



Next search.

“I went to a party and got sore throat.” How terrible for you.  I wake up with sore throat, I get sore throats when people sneeze around me or when I don’t wear my mask while cleaning or, I don’t know.  Who knows how you get a sore throat?  I have one now.  I think we need to gargle supposedly with salt water and use lots of Chloraseptic and don’t talk and..hmm.  I could give lots more advice but you’ve found my site so now you know a lot about sore throats.

There were more interesting searches this time but these were the ones that caught my eye that I thought I would share tonight and of course a picture of my non-gay car.  I named her ‘Miracle’ because it’s a miracle I ever got a convertible.

Finish Organizing

I still haven’t finished putting everything back since the housekeepers came.  That’s the thing about having a housekeeper, even for a day.  You have to move everything.   Especially the first time.  plus,  one thing I didn’t like…  You know how they ask you, “How often do you clean?” but not in an innocent way.  It comes off more like, do you ever clean?, have you cleaned in the last century? do you know how to clean?  I don’t need your guilt tone lady..we hired you to clean for a reason.  The holidays had passed, I’d had surgery, I’d been sick.  I don’t need to explain my entire life to you and why I hadn’t cleaned.  Sheesh.

Anyway, January has been a horrible month for migraines but it’s February now so lets hope things get better.  Maybe since the weather is supposed to warm up.

I’ve already come to the conclusion there is no way I could live in a cold climate.