The Future Of Gender..My Beliefs

This one is going to upset some people but it is my blog and my opinion and free speech so if it offends you..well.. Uh.. Okay, I’m sorry if my personal opinion on this issue offends you. However, it is my opinion.  Anyway, here we go:

Apparently, Little Saigon (I believe it was there) has a Tet Parade every year and they do not include the LGBT groups because they do not believe in them as part of their religious culture.  Well, as you may have guessed, the LGBT groups did not like this because it is unfair and discrimination.  They must be part of the parade because as you know, everyone must know that they have their own groups and we should all be excited to see them flaunt the fact that men like men and women like women..but I digress.  So, they took the case to court..but they lost this time because it was to close to the actual parade date.  However, now the rules may be changed for future parades and the Tet parade may have to be held without prejudice or discrimination.  In other words, it will no longer be their parade.

I miss the times of boys and girls forts and clubs when boys or girls were not allowed.  I believe there should be places for only Men and Woman.  I believe organizations should be able to have parades and clubs they believe in and if they don’t want a certain group; it should be okay.  I would like to go back to the time when morals were instilled and children had a mother and a father only.  When a mother was a female and a father was a male.

You do not see straight people having a parade to show everyone how excited we are.  I do not understand the flaunting of what some still do not agree with.

I am a Believer and I believe God is crying great tears at his decision of promising never to flood the world again.

I believe soon we will all become people and it won’t matter if we are men or women anymore.. and that will be a very, sad day.



  1. I’m curious, if the parade were “Men only,” or “Whites only,” would that upset you or would you still be just as supportive? I have very different beliefs than you, but I’m also the type that is open and interested in the opinions of others … so my curiosity here is genuine.

    • The All Men parade would not bother me. I was not talking about The Gay Pride Parade (which is already in existance) – I have no problem with that. It is a free country. When you are getting into race, I do believe that is a complete diffeerent issue so no, I don’t think white and black parades would be good. My complaint was about groups forcing themselves into events where they are really not wanted. If I have a party and I invite certain friends, it is not right for other people to cry and whine to the courts because I did not include them in my party or parade.

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