Valentines Day Amusement

Valentine’s Day has passed and I must tell you what happened.  My husband came home the night before and  said, “Oh, I got you a card’ and tossed it on the table.  We have discussed before that we don’t really do cards, but whatever.  I had put my whole 5 decorations up in the kitchen and we are going to dinner tonight; but we always go to dinner on…Anyway; I digress.. I said, “Since you so unceremoniously threw the card on the table I will open it now and just sit it around to enjoy for Valentines Day.”  I opened the card and was shocked to discover a PINK rose with a PINK border and some verse about being special.  WTH?  I looked at him.  This was weird.  I was like, “Why did you get me a card with a pink flower on it?  You know I hate PINK and I’m not into flowers.  Couldn’t you have got me a funny card?” and he goes.. “I put a lot of thought into that card.”  Then he looked at me and said, ….WAIT FOR IT…….”Actually R. got the card because he was going to get his wife a Valentines Day card and asked if he wanted me to have him pick one up for you?”  I cracked up.  I told my husband to tell R. he bombed on the card.  R. doesn’t know me at all.  I told S. I want a card if it is a funny card.  That verse didn’t even sound like it came from him.  I still put it on the bottom shelf..but sheesh.  S. isn’t in some high paying position and R. isn’t his personal secretary getting his wife gifts and cards for occasions.

After that, I wrote a list of things S. can get me if he ever wants to surprise me for occasions.  After all, I’ll be turning 50 in two years anyway, if I actually make it to that age.  I e-mailed the list to him and he liked the idea.

So, despite my last Valentine’ Day post, my day did turn out amusing after all..