One Day Healthy= 2 Days Sickly

Okay, so I’ve been sick for two days which does and doesn’t surprise me.  With my health for every one day of exciting activity, I get 2 or more days of sickness.  Cedars called and said my infusions are delayed due  to insurance reasons.  That’s not a surprise either.  I do think I am going to get dressed and go to Von’s today though even if I am sick.  I am totally craving an apple.  I think they also have gluten-free Cous-Cous and I need more bread.  I’ll just get some basics and hold off on Whole Foods until tomorrow or Thursday.  I totally need to make a run to Whole Foods soon because they have everything.

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  1. woww I dont think I have ever craved an apple. I crave things that are not good for you…but an apple? LOL!

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