My Opinion/Solution On Gay Marriage

So, I just read another post on the Gay Marriage issue.  I wasn’t going to discuss this since I hate debates ( and really won’t do so) but I had a thought.

First of all,  let me clarify that I am against Gay Marriage.  I am a Christian.  I believe in the Bible and it’s teachings.  I cannot and do not get into debates especially with family members because my husband and most of his family are on the other side.  The Bible has many verses against Homosexuality.  Adam and Eve were brought together, and marriage is when man and wife come together as one under the eyes of God.

Anyway, here was my thought:  Since Gay people are going on and on about it being an equal right issue or taking away their freedoms, or whatever,  Why don’t you just term it “Marriage.” when you get married by a member of the clergy, and a “Union” when you don’t; and keep all taxes the same according to the states or whatever… for either service.  The taxes can be the same but terms can be different depending on who you are married/ in union by.  You see how simple things can be?  I should be in the White House.

By the way, someone wrote something about Marriage and how we should all be free to marry who or what we want.  This is what I was afraid of.  This is where we are headed you know.  Next, people will want to marry their dog if this passes because they should be free to do so.  Otherwise, we will be taking that right away from them.

Just my thoughts on the subject.

Here’s another thought;  how can thoughts be up for debate?  Discussion..okay.  Debate? NO!  I’ve told you my beliefs and idea.  Your not going to change my mind but you’re welcome to share your view provided you are polite about it.  Please Don’t slam me for my opinion/belief.  That really gets us nowhere.

I really wish they would just make a decision soon and get this whole matter over with so we could all focus on other the economy..and just stop talking about it soon anyway.

*I changed a part of my thought after a comment was made.  Hopefully that helped a bit.

*I changed my title after another comment was made, however, it led to a spam type main page so I did not post the actual comment.  I do not post comments that link to ad type pages.  Should whoever you are be reading this.  Thank you for your opinion.  I hope this title works better.


  1. Since you asked why nicely, I’ll just point out that the State controls definitions of marriage, not the church. People who don’t believe in God are allowed to marry in this country. You can get a religious certificate and ceremony without a state marriage license, and guess what? It will have no force in law! You can’t inherit or make health care decisions in a crisis with it. That’s why every religious ceremony contains a version of the phrase “now, by the power vested in me by the State of…”

    The entire debate belongs only in the realm of law, and outside of differences over scriptural meaning.

    • Ahh Yes, Law and benefits. Of course! Well, in that case. Go a head and give health benefits to your Unions but do not call it “Marriage.” Why do they/others have to use the same term as those in the church?

      • AND the reason for calling it marriage is because “Civil Unions” has been tried and found LEGALLY inferior. Civil unions confer up to 1,500 fewer legal rights and protections (depending on the locale). Separate but equal doesn’t work here. We’ve tried it on other issues. Monogamous, exclusive domestic contract between two consenting adults is, and should be called “marriage”.

  2. The part you just said about civil unions inferring less legal rights and protections should be fixed. It really should not be that difficult. I don’t see anything “Inferior” about a different term. It is no more inferior then being “adopted”. But, that’s a whole nother topic that is not being discussed here. Just my opinion.

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