The Legacy We Leave Behind

When you die, what do you want to be remembered for?  Will your words and deeds matter in the end?  I’ve written a Children’s Book which is at least something tangible to hold onto and maybe even to be passed down.  Perhaps, I will even finish the novel/ true story I am working on as well.  But, aside from that, will my family remember me as being the sick one with all the health problems?  Will they and my friends also remember me as being the generous one who helped out others in time of need?  Will my memory fade quickly as time passes and only come up once in a while such as when others pass or when you hear one of my favorite karaoke songs “Bunny would have liked that.” (No, not my real name. but one you can use on this site.)

I think of this today because my friends mother passed away quickly from an illness.

I think of my mother and what we remember of her.  I wonder how much our family holds on to or wants to hold on to in the future about her.  I found some notes from when I had asked her about her life that I had taken in 1999.  I learned about her birth and a bit about her growing up.  I also learned about a man she dated before my father.

My prayers go out to my friend and his family today as they have the funeral service for his mother.

I know we don’t live this life for others, but I do hope I leave some sort of good impact on the ones I leave behind when that occurs.